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Le Monde-European Member of Parliament Bernard Guetta defends Macron’s European united defense stance

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Today’s Le Monde published an article by Bernard Guetta, a member of the European Parliament and a member of the revival team of the French ruling Republic Kadima Party in the European Parliament. The title is, “Americans do not care about the rest of the world… Europeans, wake up.” .

The main point of the article is that the Americans retreated from Afghanistan and became a mess, ignoring the actions of other countries. On the surface, Europeans faced threats from Russia and China, and they had to deal with security issues quickly.

The article said that, for better or for worse, there are no more military police, no more umbrellas, no more unbreakable and indestructible alliances in this world anyway. In order not to let China occupy the world’s number one position, the United States ignores other countries and only cares about itself. It wants to save money and manpower, and invest in modernization. In this way, the balance between Europe, Africa and the Middle East is uncertain, and the relationship between the various forces must be reconsidered as a whole.

Bernard Guetta’s article in Le Monde said that Europeans should wake up and stop arguing about how to receive Afghan refugees, but think about it if Putin drives into Kiev and incorporates Eastern Ukraine in order to increase the support rate. How to do it, are we really sure?

He said, ask ourselves, we can’t be sure of anything. When Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, Bush did not act as scheduled. In 2013, the Assad regime used chemical weapons, but Obama did not act. Now Biden is evacuating Kabul regardless of the humiliation of the United States.

In an article in Le Monde, European MP Bernard Guetta asked if Russia used mercenaries in the Balkans, in the Baltic Sea, in Libya, in sub-Saharan Africa, or cooperated with Russia and the “butchers of Damascus”, tomorrow and The Algerian generals united, and the Kremlin said that the United States would not make any response.

All these assumptions are possible. So what can we do. Bernard Guetta said in the French Le Monde that we basically can’t do anything. Because the only real army remaining in the EU countries is the French army, but the French army has now appeared on too many fronts.

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The author proposes to face up to the reality of this century and not to let people say that the EU does not have its own national defense. The EU must build a unified military in the future and prepare for new battles together, whether it is space operations or digital operations.

Bernard Guetta said that Europe can do it. When Trump said that before defending Europeans, the United States wanted European countries to pay off NATO’s contributions. At this time, the obstacles to the establishment of a unified national defense in Europe were lifted. Biden also let the 27 European countries understand the situation that EU countries have not really recognized before. That is, if the EU countries cannot build a truly unified national defense by themselves, then the United States will send troops to rescue the European allies, which makes no sense.

The article defends the views of French President Macron in front of the other 26 EU countries; we have to exist ourselves. If Europe is to exist as a strategic cadre for a long time, we really need it this time, and it must be so.

European parliamentarian and Baathist Bernard Guetta said that the 20th century started in Sarajevo in June 1914 and the 21st century started in Kabul in August 2021.

Let’s take a look at the new crown epidemic in Europe. The EU member states have decided to re-impose restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Lebanon and Macedonia. This is the recommendation announced on August 30. The French Le Monde said that before the European Council made a decision, Germany and Belgium had put the United States on the red list, requiring travelers from the United States to undergo COVID-19 testing and to take quarantine measures. But other EU countries like France and the Netherlands see the United States as a safe country.


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