Leading Baseball has received 1st-9-Twins payments since 2019.

Leading Baseball has received 1st-9-Twins payments since 2019.

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18 Innings

Tuesday’s program features two double-headers – the first of this season and the first twins of the first nine-inning games starting September 28, 2019.

Major League Baseball Seven innings used two headers in the 2020 and ’21 ‘changes in the rules for the Corona virus outbreak, but this time avoided short games.

At the beginning of the lockout period, there were 31 planned double headers on the calendar, but these first two twins were added due to the weather. Arizona game against Washington, San Francisco and New York Mets has been postponed due to rain on Monday.

The Diamondbacks and the Nationals will play a double head split at 1 ፡ 05 on the afternoon of the first game, the Giants and Mets’ usual double head start at 3 ፡ 10 p.m.

The Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox have played nine innings, the last day of the 2019 season. Hosts Chicago won 7-1, losing 4-3 in the second leg.


Second baseman Jose Altuv and seven-time Houston astrologers are hoping for good news from the Doctor after coming off the left leg of the eighth inning in an 8-3 win over the Angels on Monday night.

Altuv, the 2017 AL MVP, won the Infield single and overcame the first base. He fell to the ground and tossed the helmet, which he was piercing with pain.

“We’ll have more answers (Tuesday),” said manager Dusty Baker. “He looks at the doctor. I can say that.

Altuve claims to be experimenting, but is not sure what those are.

“I feel better than I expected, but we will see tomorrow,” he said.

Single digits

Yankees have no single-digit jersey numbers, but their results are stuck there.

New York has won 6, 4, 3, 0, 4, 4, 3, 1, 5 and 0 races in 10 games this season.

That added up to 30, after Yankees’ second-lowest run in 10 games after winning the 1973 American League. New York holds a 5-5 record.

In 1977, the Yankees ran a total of 26 games, but that time was good for them.


Probably his hometown of Los Angeles – and his former team-mate Freddie Freeman – are looking for their first win of the Atlanta Grade Max Freed of the season.

Fred, dressed in high school No. 32 to honor Sandy Koufax while playing at LA’s Harvard-Westlake School, has a 5.73 ERA 0-2 in two starts this season. For the Braves, he will take the knockout with Dodgers right-hander Walker Buhler (1-0, 3.38).

Free kicks to start with Pitch, but Freed’s record was 38-13 in 2009-21. It is a 40-20 by 3.40 ERA.

Freeman hit his first home run in a Dodgers uniform – no less than the previous team – to help Los Angeles beat the Braves 7-4 on Monday night for their seventh straight win. In the first half of the field, he also had a great defensive performance, finishing 1: 3 with two runs and two walks.

Prior to the game, the emotionally charged Freeman spent at Atlanta Club House remembering last year’s World Series, the first franchise championship since 1995. He signed a six-year, $ 162 million six-year deal with the Dodgers in March. The only Southern California native to play in the annual race with the Braves.

“It was a special day,” says Freeman.

ACUÑA eyes return

Braves outfielder Ronald Akuna Jr. is set to begin injury recovery with Triple-A Gwinnett in Jacksonville. It will be their first game since July 10 after beating the right ACL in Miami.


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