Leading Ott Otani will play Mund, White Sox and Guardians 2

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Arm swing

Shohai Ohtani is scheduled to sing for Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and the two-way star is off to a much better start this season. Okhtani 0-2 with two 7.56 ERA after two trips. He has 14 strikes, but has allowed seven runs and 10 games in 8 1/3 innings.

On the bat, last season AL MVP hit 234 on Tuesday and went three homers, seven RBI and nine runs. He had .733 OPS.

Jack Odorzi (0-1, 6.48) goes to the Astros.

Climate men

After a series of extensions, the Clevelanders, the Guardians and the White Sox will try to play soccer again – this time with a traditional double header starting at 2pm 10 pm EDT.

The teams were extended for the second straight day on Tuesday due to inclement weather and unbearable cold weather. The match was called off four hours before the scheduled first leg, following a meeting between Prosecutor General Terry Franco and White Sox Manager Tony La Rusa outside the venue.

It has been snowing in downtown Cleveland for the past two days and temperatures are in the low 30’s.

Monday’s extension will be played on July 12 as part of a two-part series.

This week’s four-game schedule now features three games, two on Wednesday and one on Thursday. With dry, hot weather forecasts, AL Central rivals must finally meet for the first time this season.

“I think it’s between 50-55 degrees, which is summer,” says Franco. “It is possible. Again, it will be hard. We are going to have 27 innings in 27 hours, which is not perfect.

But if you have to play, you play. If not, you will not. I think everyone came to the same conclusion. “

The second extension pushed back the match between AL Cy Young Award winners – Cleveland Ace Shane Bieber and Chicago left Dallas Quoch. They will play in Wednesday’s opening match.

White Sox right-hander Jimmy Lambert will start his second game against Cleveland Triston McKenzie.

Initial views

San Francisco Giants left-back Carlos Rodon (1-0, 1.50 ERA) has 21 in 12 innings in his first two games of the season. At City Field, New York Mets right-back Chris Basit (2-0, 0.75) got off to a good start at the new club.

Sales team

Next season there will be a new field at Major League baseball.

It became the first team to announce a promotional deal on the San Diego Padres uniform, with patches bearing the Motorola logo on the sleeve of the jersey.

The March 10 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MLB and the Players’ Association gives 30 teams the right to sell uniforms and helmets. On August 6, 2021, they accepted MLB’s proposal to amend the MLB Public Base Rules section.

The MLB idea reads: “A club may allow third-party business sponsors to display their name, logo and / or logo on uniforms, in consultation with the players’ association, if the plaster or design is approved. Preceded by the Commissioner’s Office.

MLB has decided to launch uniform advertising in the 2023 season and says it could launch helmet ads later this year.

Left-handers and plasters and left-handers will have ads on the right-hand side to face Padres cameras.

Very well

Atlanta star Ronald Akuna Junior is set to play his second rehabilitation game for Triple-A Gwinnett. Double 1 to 3 going Outside the right-wing wall during his first season in Jacksonville on Tuesday. It was the first game since Miami Marlins tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on July 10.


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