Leaflet trainers sue the team over cancer-causing Zamboni chemicals

Two Flyers' coaches are claiming ownership of cancer-causing chemicals from Zamboni without their knowledge of the team's training ground.  (Photo by Reuters)
Two Flyers’ coaches are claiming ownership of cancer-causing chemicals without the knowledge of the team’s training facility. (Photo by Reuters)

Two Philadelphia Flyers trainers have reportedly sued the company for exposure to carcinogens in Zamboniis at the Reriers Training Center.

Sal Rafa, the team’s 64-year-old director of medical services and assistant athletics coach, said:

Macrosin causes myeloprophic neoplasm and myelofibrosis, the last cancer of the blood. In addition, both macrosin and rafa are known to cause thrombocythemia, which causes many of our bone marrow to produce platelets, for which there is no cure.

According to the lawsuit, Verhis, a New Jersey facility in Zamboni, “had gasoline and / or gasoline and / or carcinogens” machines that did not require the use of these chemicals.

Court documents also say that the Zambians were often out of work in the “small, sealed room” next to the coaching staff at the team’s training facility, and that air conditioning problems caused the complainants to take excessive carcinogenic chemicals.

Macrosin has been working in flyers since 2000, but Rafa was hired in 2004. Both are still employed by the company.

“The safety of our staff and guests is always a priority,” the statement read. “We have been investigating the allegations against Jim Macrosin and Sal Rafa for several months, and accordingly, we believe their claims are baseless. We cannot comment further on whether this case is pending.

The lawsuit alleges that several defendants, particularly the telecommunications conglomerate Comcast and its various holdings, owned and operated Philadelphia flyers.

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