Learn about the new way to block a contact on WhatsApp in this 2024. Play play

 Learn about the new way to block a contact on WhatsApp in this 2024.  Play play

If someone can get your phone number then anyone can send you SMS text messages, call you and even chat with you through WhatsApp messenger. Do you want to avoid contact with strange or unknown users? From Depor we will introduce you to a new way to block someone without accessing their conversations, so you leave no trace.

There are two popular ways to block a contact: first, by entering the chat > ​​pressing the three dots icon > tapping “More” and then tapping the “Block” option; Second, by clicking on the conversation from the main interface > some tools will be displayed on the top > you have to press the three dots and then select “Block”.

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The difference is that with the first method you leave the display mark (double blue check) if you use WhatsApp with read confirmation activated. There is a little-known third option and it is the most effective as it will leave no trace of blockage and will only take a few seconds to do.

This is the new way to block a contact on WhatsApp

  • Verify that there are no pending updates to WhatsApp.
  • You will receive notifications when an unknown user writes to you.
  • Press the message notification through the Tools menu (the section where Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Airplane Mode, etc. are located).
  • Several options will appear > Click on the option that says “Block”.
  • You will see a pop-up window > Confirm action.
  • If it has sent you inappropriate content, reporting it is optional.
  • Ready, that’s all, this way you will not miss the double blue check and will not waste time searching for that conversation in the extensive chat history.
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