Learn more about Cemex’s initiative to strengthen tertiary and rural roads

Learn more about Cemex's initiative to strengthen tertiary and rural roads

Cemex announced the launch of a portfolio specifically designed to strengthen the tertiary and rural road network, with the aim of working hand in hand with the Community Action Boards and local authorities and contributing to the development of more than 128,000 km of roads that have potential for improvement Country.

“The solution is in line with the strategies that the country is currently pursuing to close the existing gaps between main roads and rural roads through the direct participation of local communities in these works,” said Alejandro Ramírez, President of Cemex Colombia and Peru.

Cemex’s portfolio is divided into three main elements: technical support in the planning and execution phases of the works, the development of a new material with all the Cemex technology and suitable for the construction of this type of roads. , according to the Invías technical standard and thirdly, the tools necessary for the construction of these projects.

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In order to achieve maximum distribution of the highway portfolio in the different regions of the country, Cemex will work hand in hand with the hardware sector, since this type of company is present throughout the national territory.

In this sense, distribution takes place through the more than 280 Construrama hardware stores and Cemex affiliated hardware stores, present in more than 118 municipalities in Colombia.

“This is the ideal solution for construction in hard-to-reach locations as it makes it easier to transport and store materials,” Ramirez said.

Cemex said it will contribute to the execution of the construction of footprint panels that will improve the road infrastructure of the tertiary network to connect the local economy and improve competitiveness and quality of life.

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