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LeBron James and other great NBA records: Many more are within reach

they fill that up, but the records are the lowest for Lebron James It doesn’t matter how many honors he takes Kareem abdul jabbar Just think about rounding off your ring collection with a fifth. However, ‘The King’ is within reach various accumulated records More NBA, because that’s what it takes to be this good and not get old. We review the most important ones before this week, he goes past the one with the maximum score in the league (today or Friday), one of them is possible for ‘Braun’, who also with one of them can play James Harden:



Stephen Curry, Infinity and Beyond

Exactly a year ago, all eyes were on Stephen Curry, who on December 14, 2021, became the new master of the Triple Crown by being displaced from the top. ray allen Against the New York Knicks at Mammoth Madison, because ‘Steph’ is also a gentleman with history. At the second level, the man responsible for expanding the long-range launch, the point guard achieved the record with up to 511 Shots Cum Compared to Allen who met LeBron in 2013 to win a ring. Curry currently has over 3,300 to Allen’s 2,973 and could drop the figure an unattainable record.

Harden could displace the former NBA champion from second place with the Celtics if he maintains his current rate of about 3 triples per game in just one season. is the sixth damian lillard LeBron is also ninth on this all-time list and, of course, in the top-10 with over 2,200.



chris paul and john stockton

Following the traditional stat sheet order, John Stockton continues at the top of the rankings with 15,806 assists, in which LeBron, to justify his reputation for total players, He ranks fourth with 10,351, the only top-5 mark of all time and in basket passes. The closest to Stockton of active players is a chris paul that, however, it is very difficult to reach.

already with 37 years, CP3, at his current rate—8.6 assists per game—should play another six and a half seasons at the earliest. And when we talk about campaigns, we always refer to the 82 games. However, on more than one course he can beat Jason Kidd, second in the table, with Russell Westbrook tenth. Ricky Rubio Appears at number 70 with over 5,000.



Howard, nor coming back from Taiwan to hunt down Chamberlain

About this chris paul With assistance it is very complicated but it is ‘unrealistic’ to think that one of the active players could be displaced Wilt Chamberlain as king of the rebound with 23,924 captures. the one that comes closest to it is Dwight Howard But with ‘Superman’ at a great distance and with his new life as a player in Taiwan he was already off the NBA radar, all the more improbable.

You just have to look at what the center would need to finish eleventh with 14,627 sacks, if his average of 6 sacks last year is taken as a reference: 19 seasons! but we need to talk again lebron Here, then, although very ‘down’ in the rankings -35th with over 10,500 rebounds-, he is the player who is still active in the world’s best league with a high status. pau gasol He ranks 29th with 11,305 rebounds.


free shots

harden vs lebron

More than interesting duel that can be fought here between ‘James’, LeBron and Harden, for whom it is difficult, but not impossible. Permission karl malone With 9,787 free throws, ‘The King’ is fourth with 8,100 and ‘Beard’ is eighth with over 7,200. it will be talked about forever score record in the case of ‘Braun’, but it would have to be given a lot of merit if ‘The King’ was also able to rule the release table, which has always been its weak point despite the fact 76-77% In which this course is the best of the last decade. At the current rate of about 5 free throws, he should play another 4½ seasons, complex, but ‘never say Never’ In the case of ‘Braun’.

It appears that Harden will have it more economical if he is able to achieve longevity like LeBron. The 33-year-old ‘beard’ will need to compete Five courses and a half more –When he has the ‘King’ – the current 38 – to overtake Malone. With a more passing version this season, his average number of free throws is the lowest in the last decade, at over 5.5. It would be a great honor for the player with whom the rules changed last year ‘Hard rules’ With the aim of eliminating ‘unnatural’ movements to get to the 4.60 line.

LeBron may pass Kobe for third place in a year, while Harden may edge out Jordan for sixth. Although we are talking about cumulative records, it is always worth remembering that the success record for the same campaign still stands jose manuel calderon With 98% who signed with the Raptors for the 08-09 season.



Chris Paul won’t be a better ‘con’ than Stockton

The situation is very similar with assistants and the same hero. John Stockton tops the list with 3,265 steals. Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan and one Chris Paul who is fourth with 2,499. The point guard, who posted his career-lowest recovery rate of 1.7 this season, will need five and a half more seasons at that rate to surpass Stockton. However, he has the double honor of reaching the podium ahead of Michael Jordan, who barely has a dozen, with 2,514 steals. ‘She goat’. Tenth in the classification, more reason to define him as a ‘total player’, is LeBron. Too Ricky Rubio This figure ranks 99th in the top-100 with over 1,200.



Ibaka, closest to Olajuwon

Reena Hakeem Olajuwon In a ranking in which, if you want to take a closer look at an active player, you’ll have to do with Serge Ibaka. The Spanish-Congolese who became the NBA’s top blocker 2012 and 2013, He is the closest to Olajuwon as an active player in the best league in the world, despite the fact that it is impossible for him.

Rocket legend stopped at 3,830 – follow him dikembe mutombo why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Ibaka, 29th with 1,759, should be playing like 25 more years. And that, at a per-game cap rate that has been down over the past two seasons with injuries and his limited role with the Bucks.

Till then Brooke Lopez, With a brutal current average of 2.5 blocks and 32nd on the table on the way to 1,700, he will need 10 more seasons in 34 to move past Hakeem Olajuwon. and 20 and Howard, 15th, must compete if he returns to the NBA. pau gasol 23rd with 1,941 ‘hats’, tied with Julius Erving marc gasol He is now at 59th position with 1,254.



LeBron, Jokic and Doncic after Westbrook

Although he seemed to ruin it last season with his poor season, if Russell Westbrook has a high reputation in the NBA and deserves respect, it is milestones like this one as the point guard triple-doubled. Continues to lead the historical classification. With 198, he has two left to blow past the 200 mark, which seems possible, considering he has already made 4 signings this season. Under the ‘juice’, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd, LeBron with 106. Another testament to the ubiquity and versatility of ‘The King’.

It is always difficult to make predictions on such data, but Nikola Jokic, Sixth with 94, lurked with a current triple-double average. In addition, the Serbian is small – he complies 28 years For Westbrook’s 34- this month, and opposite ‘Russ’ is in the ‘prime’ of his career. Without forgetting, of course, Luka Doncic, even younger than him – he also turns 24 this month – and tenth with 56.


made field goals

LeBron looking for Abdul-Jabbar

Unbelievable but true. In a relatively short period of time, we could see LeBron surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the top of another record. It’s about making a field goal, where, in fact, ‘The King’ is already on second. Lakers and Bucks legend record 15,837 successful launches, With the ‘6’ at a distance of 1,800 with over 14,000. If he maintains this level for two more years – or three, counting that he will miss some games – James will snatch this record as well. ‘sky hook’. He needs to maintain his current average of at least 11.6 shots per game.


Matches – Minutes played

another record that could fall

More viable records for LeBron. And, even if he maintains his level, it’s just a matter of keeping his hopes up and continuing to compete. Robert Parish He leads the table in games played with 1,611 and is about 200 Lakers players to have just broken into the top-10. Shooting for a greater number of games, he would have to play two and a half seasons more to break a record that would also represent his amazing longevity, Downstairs, three and a half.

And you look at the stats for most minutes played, LeBron has it within range. keeping up with the current pace36.5 minutes per match-, would soon become the player with the most minutes in NBA history, displacing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In such a situation, he could achieve it in just one more season.


Rings and MVP

Bill Russell, unbeatable, and Abdul-Jabbar, too complicated for LeBron

Despite the fact that the topic is the record of the cumulative statistics of the game, it cannot be missing to close this list the player with the most rings. goes on and on going to the top Bill Russell with him 11 rings, A milestone that is out of the question due to the difficulty involved in exercising such overwhelming dominance in the NBA today.

his partner follows Sam Jones With 10 and then came 8 titles for KCJones, Tom Heinsohn, Satch Sanders and John Havlicek, along with other members of those giant Celtics of the 50s and 60s. they are in the 6’s club Michael JordanAbdul-Jabbar himself, scottie pippen and Bob Cousy and LeBron in four (2012, 2013, 2016 and 2020), with a fifth and desire to match Kobe O Magic.

Moving to the ‘Sky Hook’ will be more complicated for LeBron, with all the fierce competition he has for the number of MVPs, including 6 for center and 4 for forward. Despite his newfound flirtation, as always, LeBron will continue to be asked about everything. But now you don’t need to prove anything.

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