Legal risks and penalties What happens if you puncture the tires of a car parked in your driveway?

legal risks and penalties What happens if you puncture the tires of a car parked in your driveway?

She damage to other people’s property It is a criminal offense in Mexico that Involves intentionally or negligently causing damage to another person’s property. According to Mexican law, this action can be punished with fines or even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the damage caused.

“If in any way damage, destruction or deterioration is caused to the property of others, or to one’s own property which is harmful to a third party, Penalties for simple theft will be imposed“, so reads article 399 of the Penal Code, and this is exactly what applies if you break the tires of your uncomfortable motorist.

And how is simple theft punished?

If the amount of the stolen does not exceed one hundred times the salary, and impose up to two years in prison and a fine up to one hundred times the salary.

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If it exceeds one hundred times the salary, but not 500, the penalty will be two to four years in prison and a fine of one hundred to one hundred and eighty times the salary.

If it exceeds five hundred times the salary the penalty is four to ten years in prison and a fine of one hundred and eighty to five hundred times the salary.

It is important to emphasize that Liability for damage to other people’s property is personal. and cannot be transferred to third parties. Therefore, the person who caused the damage must bear the corresponding legal consequences.

In addition, if you are sued, it is necessary to prove that the damage caused was intentional or the result of negligence on the part of the defendant. So it is Good to have evidence which supports the allegation of damage to other people’s property.

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Causing property damage to other people in Mexico This is a criminal offense that can have serious legal consequences and it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid committing this act.

The procedure dictates that if someone blocks the entrance to your house, you must call traffic to remove the violation. call the tow truck.

that What you can’t do is puncture tires, put chains, cans with cement; because you think the road is your property.

What you pay for property and water is very clear; the meters correspond to your property, and the sidewalk is not part of it.

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Used to be a neighbor In one neighborhood, it occurred to him to fence the outside of his house, because his two trucks could no longer enter; Another neighbor complained, and the authorities had him remove the iron, and also fined him.

A policeman told him Funny” if you want more space, go to the municipality and declare that you will expand, but they will charge you more tax for the extra square meters.”

Thus, in dire situations In the event that a car parks in your garage, we recommend that you, first, resort to self-control and reflect on things; Avoid getting angry and proceed to report the matter to the competent authorities, who will send you a tow truck to move the vehicle from there.