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Letter to the Editor on American Abortion Law: “Blame Pope Pius IX.”

July 6 of “Everybody’s Business”, June 27 of “Behind the Bridge”, June 29 of “Caring”, June 24 of “U.S. Nationwide Abortion Rights Collapse”, and other articles:

majority absent

Constitutional judges as the so-called third force have to ensure that politics is in conformity with the constitution. What they are not allowed to do is make their own political decisions. The Supreme Court followed this iron constitutional principle. Politics in the United States, Democrats as well as Republicans, the Senate as well as the House of Representatives, has passed 50 years since the “Roe v. Wade” decision, the right to an abortion, which neither explicitly nor the American It is enshrined in the Constitution, binding as a federal law for all states. They couldn’t do that. Why? Because they could not organize a majority for it.

From the standpoint of the rule of law in a parliamentary democracy, it follows that for 50 years there has not been a majority of elected representatives or senators who have managed to pass the right to abortion as a federal law in the House of Representatives. or the Senate. This means that the legislature as the supreme constitutional body does not want an unlimited right to abortion.

The Supreme Court has done nothing more than to take into account this democratically legitimate position and not to establish contrary to the right to abortion as desired by lawmakers in the Constitution nor by lawmakers, namely the right to abortion. The Supreme Court in its 1973 judgment rejected this. Which has now been fixed.

It is now up to elected, legitimate politicians, not only in Washington, but in each of the 51 states of the United States, to decide on abortion rights, liberal or restrictive, according to the will of the majority.

The other arguable error of the “my stomach is mine” community, which has a narrower view, but is even more outrageous, is that it does not like the result that is valid under the rule of law and its representative, from the outside. Parliamentary law, seeks to leave it entirely to a woman to decide whether it can kill a human fetus.

The sharp point is that Donald Trump and radical abortion advocates agree wholeheartedly in their delusion, perhaps even in their hatred of democratic election decisions: They do not recognize electoral decisions. One didn’t get enough votes for re-election and started chattering about electoral fraud, the other against the decisions of their representatives, elected by majority vote, to give abortion rights a specific legal framework they hated. Huh. Both do not fit the majority decision into the ideological worldview.

Wolfram Salzer, Neustadt near Coburg

Trump administration results

The Statue of Liberty lost its independence. Anything is possible – maybe it’s not just Toyota’s slogan, but the USA as well. For a time, states were symbols of freedom. In my semester abroad in Philadelphia in 2021, there wasn’t much left of it because of Trump’s candidacy. What remained after Trump: a shaken democracy and a torn people.

Of course, that wasn’t the only trigger, but it showed a lot of things. Donald Trump is still having an impact, which is particularly noticeable in the latest decision on abortion. During his tenure, he was able to nominate three new judges to the Supreme Court. With a total of nine judges, three new hard-conservative votes is plenty. This new voting weight allowed the decision to be passed on June 24: Abortion could be banned by states in the United States. Everyone can probably decide for himself what is left in the land of freedom. Miss Liberty, the Statue of Liberty, is certainly losing her freedom to have an abortion. She would probably like to go to Germany. On the same day it was decided to lift the ban on advertising of abortion there.

Lars Englert, Göttingen

Ban and its effects

In Mexico, one of two drugs used for medical abortion is available without a prescription, reports Jurgen Schmeider: misoprostol, which triggers labor-like cramps. The drug mifepristone — a hormone blocker that terminates pregnancy — also requires a prescription in Mexico. Prescriptions are available at local doctor’s offices. Some pharmacies even sell it without a prescription, as SZ reports. I would like to discuss how this small difference in the availability of misoprostol and mifepristone contributes to the increased risk of miscarriage.

This is because misoprostol can terminate a pregnancy and is often used when mifepristone is unavailable. The chances of a successful termination with misoprostol are, of course, low. Miscarriage takes longer and is associated with severe pain. There may be an increase in gastroenterological side effects. In addition, there is an increased health risk due to incorrect use of the drug (eg wrong dosage).

So the free availability of misoprostol in Mexico is at first glance a “solution” to the problem. In second glance, she shows how the Supreme Court’s decision on banning legal abortion contributes to endangering women’s health and lives.

Dr. Suzanne Schmidt, Berlin, Research Assistant, Chair for the History of Science

anything is possible, just not that

Sadly, in a country where everything is possible, women find it difficult to give birth to children and above all to feed and raise them. It’s especially difficult for black women in this country; Despite Obama’s presidency, the divide between black and white doesn’t seem to have really ended. Now abortion laws are being tightened.

With all these problems that women in particular face, one question remains unanswered for me: where exactly is the security of the unborn child? Why do women in America have to deny life to children after sexual love? Are there no preventive and contraceptive options? Or does American society see abortion in a completely different way?

Pastor Wolfgang Zopora, Bad Alexandersbad

Blame Pope Pius IX.

“God has decided,” Donald Trump is aware of the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, which would now criminalize abortion in many US states. Remarkably, even in the Bible, God is completely silent about the time when animation should occur during pregnancy and when – according to Christian understanding – a human being comes into existence. For this reason, theologians – unlike today – oriented themselves for many centuries to Aristotle, who knew (exactly from where?) the day.

For example, Pope Innocent III. The 13th century case of a Carthusian monk whose lover had aborted at the monk’s behest: he was not guilty of any murder if the fetus was not yet alive. And Emperor Charles V’s judicial system, which had been decisive for centuries, only punished the abortion of a living “fruit of the womb,” which at the time meant: from the third month of pregnancy. It was only in the 19th century that the Catholic Church radicalized its doctrine on abortion. Pope Pius IX on October 12, 1869. In Ox: Man begins at conception. Only this seemed to agree shortly before the declaration of the Marian dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Such cryptic ideas are still the ideological basis of our abortion law today. But right-wing politicians, here or elsewhere, have always used it for the culture war with which they believe they can expand and cement their positions of power at the expense of women.

Doctor. Alphonse Hack, Graphing

inhumane, not generous

In her plea for complete independence and self-determination, Katharina Riehl forgets the main victims of abortion: unborn children. Everyone who defends the fundamental right to life in this debate cannot be discredited by the hasty and pervasive characteristics of “radical-reactionary”, “right-wing conservative”, “right-wing populist” and “reactionary”. A society that seeks autonomy at the cost of the freedom of others is not liberal, but inhuman. Yes, the protection of the unborn life belongs to all those who are committed to human dignity and the fundamental and human rights derived from it.

Thomas Gottfried, Freezing


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