Lewandowski's future with Barcelona becomes clear

Lewandowski's future with Barcelona becomes clear

It hasn’t been an easy season for Robert Lewandowski. Even the Polish coach, Michael Probiesz, went so far as to say that the players were feeling “disappointed” with Barça’s performance. The Polish forward expected more from this season and had his doubts, but for now he is preferring to remain at the Blaugrana while waiting for the creation of a new project that will excite him with a new coach.

Lewandowski was never doubted at Barça. In fact, his professionalism and excellent physical condition is astonishing. He has only suffered one injury and it was the result of a very hard tackle in the Porto field. Yes His participation is full and the Blaugrana club wants it to continue. In fact, Barça will maintain his salary in the third year of the contract as agreed and he will become the highest paid player in the team.

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Lewandowski now prefers to remain at Barça, knowing that an exciting horizon could open up. It is very likely that there will be a squad remodeling aimed at being more competitive and the Pole will be comfortable at Barcelona. His contribution to the team has been good, even if he has not had his best year: he has scored 14 goals and 6 assists in 31 games, far from his record at Bayern, but decisive for Barça.

At the Blaugrana club they will always respect Lewandowski’s decision. The player has a very good relationship with his agent Pini Zahavi. If he wishes to continue, he will continue to lead the Blaugrana forward line, but if he decides to accept the one million dollar offer because it suits him, they will not object. He has earned it.

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He arrived at Barça in a financial effort and fought with Bayern to let him leave. He was the media signing that Laporta needed to excite the fans and his performances have always been optimal. The player himself commented that he has at least three more years of good quality left and the data confirms this. He has played practically everything and is at an exceptional physical level. Now, it looks like he’ll be leading the project for the next year…if he wants to.


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