LG has banned Apple from using small LED screens on its iPhone X

LG has banned Apple from using small LED screens on its iPhone X

There are many rivalry stories between Apple and Samsung, one of which is heavily affected by the iPhone X.

Lg Has Banned Apple From Using Small Led Screens On Its Iphone X

OLED screen iPhone X supplied by Samsung.

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The iPhone X was an innovative device after several generations with Apple’s flagship. It is important to know how they solved the challenges of both design and materials, and on this occasion, Information reveals the relationship between Samsung and Apple and how it directly influenced the refusal to use Apple devices.

Apple LG depends on the use of screens for their products

Obviously, they are the most popular brands of devices, both mobile phones and tablets and computer equipment. It is an “unfortunate marriage of technology”, they are competitors, but at the same time they agree to oppose each other in court.

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One of the first anecdotes cited by The Information is from the occasion when Apple engineers were excluded from visiting Samsung factories. engineers traveled to South Korea to meet with officials from Samsung’s Omnia display division. The excuse for denying them entry was that the South Koreans were protecting their intellectual property related to covering technologies. All of this was completed with an email call in which there was no question of continuing with the scheduled meeting.


Samsung is a manufacturer of OLED panels

So much protection has also been passed on in the documents since several reports about Samsung’s screens have been claimed. The same documents had the word “secret”. To put it some way, Lake was tied hand and foot when the technology and production was in the hands of Samsung.

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Screens and more screens between Apple and Samsung, including the iPhone X

Another time of misfortune at Apple. LG sent them to Cupertino hundreds of thousands of screens for MacBooks in an added and forced way. Apple no longer plans to produce more equipment due to low demand for its products. In the first iPad mini with a retina display, Apple noted flaws in Samsung’s displays. They had no choice but to accept it as Samsung refused to replace any of their screens.

Iphone X In Presentation

The iPhone X was the first major design change in the entire history of the device

Those from Cupertino were going to take the step to micro-conductor from the iPhone X and not the iPad Pro like a few years ago. It happens that Apple bought the LuxVue company in 2014 and opened a special project with the best beans to manufacture their screens. The following year, Apple purchased a display factory in Taiwan to learn about Qualcomm’s process.

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Where did it all end? Micro-LED never made it to the iPhone and here LG has indirectly lured it to use OLED again. The high cost of manufacturing the micro-Ded added to the processing times and the probable delays, Apple could not overcome the main obstacle that according to Apple was to stop.

They haven’t given up yet, according to Ross Young, Apple is still working on this type of technology to achieve the freedom it tried to discourage before.

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