Libertadores 2024: Can Nacional make it to the group stage without being champions?


The definition of Colombian soccer continues the interest of the various tables. With two dates left before the home run, Group B is tight and three teams can compete Conmebol Libertadores at different times through Reclassification.

Colombian soccer has four places for each edition of the Libertadores. Two are distributed in the group stage for the champions of each semester and two more in the previous rounds, to the best team of the year and the winner of the Colombia Cup.

In this distribution they are recognized as follows: COL 1 (first League champion), COL 2 (second League champion), COL 3 (best in Reclassification) and COL 4 (Colombia Cup champion)

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Due to the mid-year title, Millonarios COL 1.

National It is COL 4 because it won the Colombia Cup and this time, two dates from closing home runs, it is also COL 3 for the best of the year. It becomes COL 2 if the December star is added. The latter is a possible scenario due to two consecutive victories in which they have strengthened zone B.

It already has guaranteed participation for 2024. It still remains to be resolved whether it will be done in the previous rounds or directly in the groups. In these equations, there are options to determine the other teams that will be able to play in the next Cup.

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What happens if Millonarios is a two-time champion?

Dimayor pointed out that this COL 2 place for groups belongs to the best in Reclassification. Currently it is Nacional for its 88 points, followed by Águilas 87, America 79 y MEDELLIN 79.

Purslane is also COL 4 entitled in the initial stages. According to Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor, If Nacional is the best reclassified, it will automatically become COL 2, leaving the COL 4 quota to the next best reclassified. (now, Águilas). “The Cup is indestructible but it is a special situation,” he said in an interview Snail Radio.

What happens if Nacional is the champion?

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He remained in COL 2. He went to the Libertadores groups and his status as COL 4 reverted to Reclassification. Águilas’ performance in the All Against All phase gives it a wide advantage to consolidate itself as the best in this table and it will remain COL 3.

The last place in COL 4 will be determined between América and Medellín, both with 79 points. They have a direct confrontation on the sixth day of these semifinals with Atanasio Girardot.