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Lidl’s incredible dispenser for water that purifies it and filters out impurities such as microplastics

Fortunately, people are more and more concerned about our health, both physical and mental. We do more physical exercise, get out of bed and walk, pay more attention to our diet, etc. And speaking of food, in order to eat healthier, we fill our kitchen with small appliances that help us cook with less fat and much faster.

Just as it is very important to choose very carefully the foods we eat today, especially to give our body the nutrients it really needs to work properly, and also to take into account what fruits we introduce through our forms. We live on skin or water. Fortunately, Lidl has everything and always anticipates our needs. For example, we recently found this Brita® water dispenser on sale at Lidl, an ideal brand for spraying tap water and making it more pure and clean.

Brita® water dispenser on sale at Lidl

If you don’t know, the sound of water is apparently not healthy. This water usually contains microparticles that are not good for our body, such as heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, or excess chlorine. Many people, having obtained this information, would drink bottled water, but this is another serious mistake, for two reasons. First, the plastic from which these bottles are made also contaminates the water inside, so that it would be almost the same as drinking tap water. And secondly and not least, this huge consumption of plastic also affects the planet very negatively.

Brita® filtered water dispenser at Lidl, photo: ©Lidl

The best solution, at this time, is to be able to drink clean water, water that is pure from heavy metals and other residues that are not good for our health, filtered water. In case you did not know, more and more devices for spraying water are appearing on the market, such as jugs, filters that are placed in the mouth of the sound or water dispensers. These are our favorite, filtered water dispensers, as they are very useful and easy to use.

This is Brita® filtered water at Lidl. sales manager

This Brita® filter water dispenser from Lidl is one of the best solutions that currently exists on the market for devices that help filter water. In addition, the best thing about this dispenser is that it comes with a filter to get clean and pure water, which is from the brand Brita@, which is known for its excellence in this field. Brita® has many forms to provide us with filtered water, but for today’s article we have chosen this filtered water dispenser because we consider it the most useful form for families.

The best thing about this Brita® brand water filter dispenser is that, in addition to filtered water without waste, this water is also without odors and bad tastes, that is, water can also be enjoyed with a pure and natural taste. . This Lidl water filter device has a total capacity of 8.2 liters and can offer up to 5.2 liters of filtered water. It is very easy to use, because the tank is rolled up with a lid so that you can easily fill it with water.

Inside it contains a filter with an extra-fine mesh that is responsible for retaining particles such as chlorine, sand or other wastes that are not good for our body. In other words, every time you use a faucet to serve yourself water, when it passes through this filter, it is cleaned and purified. It is one of the most useful solutions for filtering water and one of the most sustainable, since it is respectful with the environment, it is also the most convenient and much more useful than constantly buying plastic water bottles.

More about this Lidl water filter manufacturer

The capacity of this Lidl water filter is excellent for offering clean and pure water for the whole family. In addition, its size and design fit perfectly in the fridge, so you can also drink cold filtered water whenever you like. Its filters are reversible and it has a filter cartridge with a duration of up to 4 weeks, that is, more or less once a month, you should change your filter for a new one.

But don’t worry about knowing when it’s time to change, the dispenser itself has BRITA Memo technology, which reminds you when to change the filter to make the sauce better. To give you more information about this Brita® filtered water dispenser for salt at Lidl, we also want to tell you that its filter contains very powerful resin grains that are responsible for exchanging ions to prevent limescale, remove and reduce water hardness. the presence of metals such as lead or copper.

This Lidl water filter device also contains microcarbon beads made from shells that block odors and other types of substances that change the smell and taste of water. This Brita® filtered water dispenser that Lidl sells in all its physical establishments in Spain and in its online store is priced at 39.99 coins.

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