Lili Tellez Congratulates AMLO for Sending Her Son to Study in the UK and “Not Cuba”

In the United Kingdom after the scandal spread over the network by photographs of Jesus Ernesto López Gutierrez where he had gone to study, Senator Lily Tellez congratulated President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for moving away from the “educational model of Marx Ariega”.

Ironically, Tellez reports that both Amlo and his wife are “good parents” because they send their son to study in the United Kingdom and “not Cuba.”

“My heartfelt congratulations to President López and Dr. Beatriz Gutierrez for sending my son to study in the United Kingdom, not Cuba,” said Lili Tellez.

In recent days, social networks have trended photos of Jess Ernesto at a United Kingdom airport, accompanied by the Mexican ambassador, Josefa González Blanco, carrying his bag.

These photos were an occasion for social network users to sharply criticize that a diplomat acts as an accomplice to the president’s son and even takes away his belongings.

A detailed analysis of the clothes that Jesus Ernesto wore was also done, exposing the price of his tennis shoes, his backpack and other clothing, all of the Adidas brand, and the high cost. It also criticized the false “Francisan poverty” declared by AMLO.

But, above all, users missed those AMLOs who say it in the sense that politicians and conservatives who study abroad are only going to “learn to steal”, and many people ironically raved about that education. that the young Ernesto must have met on his travels. ,

Thus, Tellez congratulated AMLO and Beatriz Gutierrez for sending their son to a country with which the president has great ideological closeness, and not Cuba. “Turning your son away from the educational model of Marx Arriaga and Elena Alvarez-Bayla deserves recognition as good parents,” congratulated the senator.


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