Lima was arrested for illegal immigration in Jumilla

Lima was arrested for illegal immigration in Jumilla

On Tuesday morning, in the joint operation of the Local Police of Jumilla and the Immigration Department of the National Police of Murcia, five people of irregular status in our country were arrested, living in the building under construction. before, on Yecla Avenue.

The prisoners live in deplorable conditions

After entering the property, the local and national agents saw firsthand the dangerous situation of the migrants who were inside the structure, spending the night in apparently poor huts where they did not have adequate sanitary conditions to live, no water, drinking, electricity, or toilets to relieve oneself. Although the Local Police knew that many people were in the building during the summer, due to the drop in temperature they found only five inside, who were warned of the danger in the room, with different gaps. such as light wells or elevators without any security, visible and visible steel that can cause serious injury due to the fall or even death of these people.

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Seize different things

After the arrest of these five people, it was confirmed when the place was searched that the migrants had various things that could be used as weapons, for attacks and threats due to robbery, because after the a verification From agents. , various valuable items were found, that the migrants were questioned about their origin and origin, and after not receiving credible answers, the agents arrested them.

Multiple actions of the same type are not rejected

Once detained, the migrants were taken to the National Police barracks in Murcia, and various expulsion files were initiated for them due to their irregular situation in our country. Also, to prevent the same situation from happening again, local agents blocked the entrances to the Dunia building to avoid these situations again, which, according to inspector David Morote, also happened in other areas of the town, municipality, and the The local Police force has already initiated the relevant investigations to carry out actions of the same type in other parts of the town.

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