Linda Evangelista poses for Vogue after treatment that disfigured her

Linda Evangelista poses for Vogue after treatment that disfigured her

Linda Evangelista came back. The iconic ’90s supermodel, one of the most chameleon-like women in the industry, at 57, is the new english vogue cover girl For the month of September, the most important month of the whole year.

Linda Evangelista In The Latest Issue Of Vogue.  (Photo: @Britishvogue)
Linda Evangelista in the latest issue of Vogue. (Photo: @britishvogue)

Is First fashion production for a magazine of this magnitude after posing for a campaign for Italian brand Fendi to commemorate the 25 Years of the Italian Luxury Brand’s Baguette Bag, It was this work that returned her to the public eye after being absent for five years due to a deformity on her face caused by beauty treatments. The cover title TODAY explains Evangelista’s position: “Trying to love myself as I am”.

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read alsoN: Linda Evangelista poses again after misconduct that disfigured her and took her away from cameras for 5 years

Canadian megatop poses with different looks that are trending total red From lids to animal print outfits signed by Dolce & Gabbana alexandre vauthier And of another full flower Richard Quinn, the new favorite of the famous. In interviews, Linda recalled parts of her successful career. “Karl Lagerfeld was a great trip,” he recalled and then specifically named Gianni Versace. The Italian was with the German couturier, one of the founders of supermodel incidentIn which Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford had Evangelista as the protagonist.

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Linda Evangelista Total Look With Animal Print.  (Photo: @Britishvogue)
Linda Evangelista total look with animal print. (Photo: @britishvogue)

Linda Evangelista’s play

model someone said $15,000. I never got out of bed at least, some time ago she underwent a beauty treatment which, according to her own words, “ruined her life”. Zeltic’s cool sculpting (called healing) caused a very unusual side effect, something that kept her away from not only her work but her social life as well. for a little over five years he didn’t dare to go out on the streetAs he admitted in an interview he gave for the magazine People Where he explained his case in detail.

Evangelista Described Her Nightmare In People Magazine.  (Photo: @Lindaevangelista)
Evangelista described her nightmare in People magazine. (Photo: @lindaevangelista)

After returning to her career, she wrote on her Instagram account that she was “satisfied” after settling the Cool Sculpting case, in which she sued Zeltic, the parent company of Cool Sculpting devices, for $50 million in damages.

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Linda Evangelista Posed For Vogue Again After The Treatment That Disfigured Her:

“I am so happy to have solved the Kool Sculpting case. I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life with my friends and family and putting this matter behind me. I am really grateful for all the support I have received from you all. am”, wrote the chameleon Megatop that today shines on the pages as usual the trend,

Linda Evangelista With A Total Floral Look.  (Photo: @Britishvogue)
Linda Evangelista with a total floral look. (Photo: @britishvogue)

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