List of free games coming to Epic Games in December 2023

List of free games coming to Epic Games in December 2023

As usual, Epic Games Store is preparing to delight players during the Christmas festivities with its long-awaited offer free games. This annual event, which runs from the beginning of Christmas to the last day of the year, offers users the opportunity to purchase various titles for free.

In this article we give you an exclusive preview of the two names that are available now and that you can enjoy for free.

The most anticipated list

Although specific details about the start date of the promotion and the games available have not yet been revealed, the countdown is expected to begin in the coming weeks.. For 10 days, the Epic Games Store will provide at least one new game every day.

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It should be noted that each title is available for free within 24 hours, giving players a limited amount of time to add them to their library. Offering free games during the Christmas holidays has become a long-awaited tradition for the gaming community.

In previous years, the store offers a variety of high-quality games, which has created excitement among users who are eagerly waiting to find out which titles will be included in this year’s promotion. As the holiday season approaches, players will be on the lookout for announcements from Epic Games Store to find out the details of this exciting offer and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your game collection for free.

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Free Download

Next, we give you two free games that you can download from the Epic Games page this week, and these are GigaBash and Followed, two very different action games, but both offer a unique and exciting experience.

  • GigaBash is a 3D multiplayer fighting game where players control giant monsters or mechas. The game takes inspiration from classic kaiju movies, and players can destroy urban environments and use a variety of devastating attacks.

GigaBash is a free downloadable game from Epic Games.

  • Followed is a first-person action game where players fight for control of an arena. This title combines elements of MOBA and first-person shooters, and players can choose from a variety of heroes with unique abilities.
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