7 flexi sneakers at auction ideal to wear in February


If you want to do something different for yourself this February Dress In this 2024, we leave you 7 pairs of flexi brand sneakers that are on sale In the Liverpool store.

And now that the long month of January is finally over, spring is getting closer and some people will take the opportunity to show off a new outfit.

If you want to combine your shoes with an accessory or if you are interested in launching another product, we leave you this list of 10 bags of different colors with discount in Liverpool so that you can love and Can brighten this day of friendship.

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These 7 sneakers sold in Liverpool sale will make you shine in the month of February

So we leave you with this 7 Flexi brand sneakers you can buy on sale in Liverpool So that you can see during the month of February:

  1. Black leather sneaker (round toe): The list price of this product is 1399 pesos, but you can get it for 1119 pesos.
  2. Beige Leather Sneaker (Round Toe): It sells for 1079 pesos out of 1349 pesos.
  3. Black leather sneaker with hardware (round toe): Out of 1299 pesos, it ended at 909 pesos.
  4. Black leather sneaker (round toe): This pair contains a template easy walk To provide comfort and for 1249 pesos you can buy it for 999 pesos.
  5. Wine colored leather sneaker (round toe): Out of 1199 pesos, it is sold on sale for 959 pesos.
  6. Black Sneaker (Fish Toe): This shoe has insoles easy walk And from 1249 pesos it is sold for 999 pesos.
  7. Brown Leather Sneaker (Round Toe): There is also a template for this easy walk And from 1249 pesos it is sold for 999 pesos.
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Or if it rains a lot where you live and you are looking for something to cover yourself instead of thinking about shoes, in Liverpool you can also find this raincoat from The North Face brand at a discount.

So if you want to give or give yourself a gift for the day of love and friendship or any other special moment, a pair of sneakers will always be useful and remembered.


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