Liverpool – Chelsea: Klopp and Bradley invent 'Trent 2.0' to destroy Chelsea

Liverpool - Chelsea: Klopp and Bradley invent 'Trent 2.0' to destroy Chelsea

Nothing would be better than saying goodbye to such a wonderful run at Anfield by winning the Premier League. And it seems the Liverpool team are determined to give Jurgen Klopp that happiness. The Reds destroyed Chelsea (4-1) to maintain their lead and five-point lead over Manchester City. Connor Bradley was the star with a goal and two assists in his second start. Darwin left off the story…with four shots at the post!

Liverpool ‘fly’… and apart from Gallagher’s run into the opposition area at the start of the game (for which the Chelsea players timidly asked for a penalty), there were no rivals at Anfield. Klopp’s side settled in the first half and took a more than 2-0 lead on the scoreboard at half-time.

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and it’s the same By the time Diogo Jota made it 1–0, Petkovic had already played two tremendous hands against Darwin Núñez. The Uruguayan player was attacking the back of the ‘Blue’ defence. He waived and met the crossbar; Jota, no. The Portuguese slipped past Chelsea’s defence, which was very soft, and clearly defined.

Diogo Jota celebrates his goal against Chelsea.

It didn’t take long for Connor Bradley to extend the lead to 2-0. The very young right back was playing brilliantly and capped it off with a brilliant goal by slotting a shot past Petkovic from the corner of the area. Another one of the ‘Klopp Babes’ who excites Anfield.

It could have been 3-0 before the break. A penalty on Jota which Darwin took. I wanted to score. But the former Almería player has a goal in front of him. And he sent him to the post. It does everything well… except define.

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Pochettino tried to change the situation in the 46th minute by introducing two key players, Mudric and Nkunku… but to no avail. Liverpool were a ‘cyclone’ and were looking for a win. Meanwhile, Connor Bradley surprises all of England by earning his doctorate. The Northern Irishman, playing just his second Premier League game, produced a stellar performance: a goal and two assists. The last one went to Szoboszlai before being replaced. He walked off to applause and was embraced on the sidelines by a proud Klopp.

Chelsea had their chances, taking advantage of several changes at Liverpool. Nkunku closed the gap… but it was a mirage. Anfield wanted blood… and the Reds responded. Darwin faces the stick (again!). Add 14 shots on wood this season. crazy. No one since Luis Suarez has scored so many in a single campaign in the ‘pool. No one in Premiership history had hit the post four times in a single game.

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But After a few minutes the score was 4-1. The Uruguayan doesn’t score, but he assists. Luis Diaz scored with an attack at the far post. This was the sentence. However, there was one scare left for Liverpool: McAllister was in bad shape and there were fears the worst might happen with his knee. But he recovered. And Klopp breathed a sigh of relief.