Liverpool finished elegant and modern black 5-door refrigerator with built-in alarm

Liverpool finished elegant and modern black 5-door refrigerator with built-in alarm

Liverpool He became generous and gave a discount of more than 70 thousand 119.6 pesos to a elegant and modern black refrigerator with five doors and an alarm, so you don’t forget to close it.

This item is the “26 cubic foot French Door Full Depth Refrigerator” from the KitchenAid brand, which promises to keep food fresh for a long time.

she KitchenAid refrigerator The one in question has the food care technology Pserva, which consists of two independent cooling systems, which provide a delicate cooling unit that helps to keep the food fresh, and an independent system for of frozen foods.

Added to the above, the ‘refriger’ offered by Liverpool It has a FreshFlow air filter, which helps reduce unpleasant odors and delay food ripening.

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This KitchenAid appliance also has an In-Dor-Ice system, which increases the interior space with a slim-profile ice bin mounted on the left interior door, which allows two additional compartment in the door, great for condiments and cans.

As if that were not enough, two of the five doors of the aforementioned ‘refrigerator’ were slowly closing; In addition, the left has five preset temperatures: meat/fish, beverage, vegetable/herbs, deli/cheese, defrost/marinate; meanwhile, the right includes a product preservative and is good for vegetables.

“This refrigerator is a KitchenAid innovation and an industry first. This revolutionary configuration is a breakthrough in organization that puts all your food in sight and easy access. It offers close, smooth pantry doors to provide an additional level of convenience,” boasts the American brand.

How much does a KitchenAid 5 door fridge cost in Liverpool?

on Liverpool the regular price of KitchenAid’s ‘French Door Full Depth 26 cubic feet Refrigerator’ is 175,299 pesos, but with the discount of 70,119.60 pesos given, its current price is 105,179.40 pesos.

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If you buy this modern black 5-door refrigerator with built-in alarm and you pay with a Liverpool card, you can pay it off until February in 48 monthly payments. Meanwhile, if you do it with bank credit cards, you will have up to nine months to pay, but the ‘refrigerator’ discount will be 32%. It’s up to you!