Liverpool has a warm Concord quilt for a double bed at a gift price

Liverpool has a warm Concord quilt for a double bed at a gift price

Liverpool has a warm Concord quilt for a double bed at a gift price. If you’re stuck for what else you can do to prevent the cold, this is the best addition to your home.

By the way, we recently shared this with you Sam’s Club sells fine three-piece queen comforters like a 5-star hotel! However, if you’re looking for something even warmer, this is your best option.

And when we talk about bedding, we must remember that the placement must correspond to the season and the climate of the place where you live.

Especially now that Mexico is experiencing an extremely cold season, it is worth thinking about incorporating pieces into your room that will protect you from low temperatures.

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Luckily, stores like Liverpool have decided to slash prices on bedspreads, duvets and blankets as part of their Night Sale to pamper their customers.

If you have a double bed and think it is too cold, this is the ideal piece to help you sleep warm and without discomfort.

Which Concord cover does Liverpool sell?

Liverpool has the Concord double quilt at a reduced price; This is a very warm model from the Pachicalientito line.

On the website you can find it as Concord Pachicalientito cover with the Product code 1142216007. Perhaps best of all is the price the store offers.

The price of the piece rose from 929 pesos to just 784 pesos, which you can pay interest-free for six months with the Liverpool department card; or at external banks for 3 months without interest.

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What characteristics does the Concord Pachicalientito blanket have?

“Immerse yourself in the warmth and softness of our brown lambskin blanket. This exquisite blanket is designed to give you a cozy and soothing sleeping experience. The simple brown design adds a touch of elegance and versatility, making this blanket the perfect addition. “It suits any decorating style,” explains Concord.

  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 1.80 x 2.20 m.
  • Size: double bed/single bed
  • Brown colour

Now you know that Liverpool is offering the Concord quilt for a double bed at a special price. Will you buy it to avoid suffering from the cold fronts?