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LoL: The Two Champions Dominating The Competitive Meta Are The Worst In SoloQ

In League of Legends, as in all games, there are better and worse champions on the server. Currently at this time, Nico Jungle is the worst champion in the game right now champion recently rework eado And which has a modest 40% win rate in this position.

However, two champions who are not far behind Ranking of the current worst characters are priority champions in professional matches And his position in SoloQ’s strong champion-tier list may seem less surprising than that.

Aphelios… predictable and expected

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Aphelios’ position won’t surprise many people. already The champion is supposed to be difficult to play especially because of Weapon system that requires some mechanics to know how to use them and combine them in battle, Aphelios players should keep this in mind when reading the map, so that they are ready when their team needs them. Not being able to defend a neutral target since Efilios doesn’t have the right weapons, this could be a problem in the long run

Therefore, Aphelios is a champion that not only requires a good vision of the game, but also good mechanics to shine. As opposed to a Riven who can get away with just individual mechanics or an Ornn who needs good game insight rather than great mechanics to move up in Elo.

Finally, if this domain is Tough as it is for Aphelios’ players, it’s even worse for their allies. If at higher levels, other players can focus more on the subject of your weapons, this is usually not the case at lower levels. If the blame may fall on the shoulders of efilios players in some cases (if the player has a poor weapon in Baron’s Spawn, it’s his fault because he miscalculated/timed the weapon change) no need to remember that Is it is impossible for them to have 100% perfect weapons And so at certain times you should not fight.

as part of a Unplanned Skirmish, if the jungler decides to go for it when Efilios has the wrong teamfight weapon, it’s not the ADC’s fault. So it’s hard to climb the ranks of solocue with this character. They also need X support to shine and not always these players, especially if they are not in a pair, will pick them.

K’Sante, fake OP?

Far more surprising is K’Sante’s appearance at the end of the tierlist., The champion has enough damage for a tank as well as a lot resistance, armor and mobility, or what becomes the same Everything you’d expect from an impressive champion. However, it is only 44% of win rate global In these statistics, he has surpassed Neeko as the worst champion in the game thanks to players who use him mid or support.

While it’s true that pros don’t play on the same patch as the average person (they’re on 13.8 and gamers are on 13.9), K’Sante hasn’t got a nuke in these last two editions of League of Legends., apart from Even with high Elo his win rate is still pretty low and 50% until you reach master’s win rate does not appear.

On the other hand, Itemization of K’Sante in many situations not optimal, In the pro scene or as solocue, K’Sante has his best win rate with the legendary Jak’Shode, When most players chose iron glove as its main object.

This option is certainly valid against some champions against whom Jak’sho doesn’t work well, not sure if the item will be necessary in most matchups. apart from, It should be noted that if we talk about efficiency here, then even in Challenger, Gauntlet is the most popular item.

K’Sante’s relatively low win rate is still pretty amazing, Especially when you see the champion’s ability. It will be very interesting to follow his development to see if Champion is in the same category as Azir and Raze, or if he manages to gain a percentage in SoloQ without becoming too strong in the pro scene.

LoL: Champion who went from balanced to OP in patch 13.9

In the patch notes, sometimes buffs and buffs can make champions predictable, but other times very small changes can have big consequences. That’s what happened in League of Legends Patch 13.9, where an iconic champion returns to the metagame with a bang.

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