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Longevity: People who do strength training live longer and better

Regular physical activity has many known health benefits, one of which is that it can help you live longer. but what is still to be determined Type and duration of exercise which provide more security.

In a new study published in British Journal of Sports MedicineThe researchers found that although doing aerobic exercise or strength training was associated with a lower risk of dying during the study period, do both regularly One to three hours of aerobic exercise per week and one to two weekly strength training sessions were associated with even lower mortality.

Carver Coleman, a data scientist and one of the study’s authors, said moving from a sedentary lifestyle to an exercise program is the equivalent of “smoking compared to non-smoker.”

Work is the latest evidence of a trend showing the importance of strength training on longevity and overall health.

Strengthening Muscles Is Associated With More And Better Years Of Life.  Photo Shutterstock.

Strengthening muscles is associated with more and better years of life. photo shutterstock.

mix is ​​better

Cardio plus strength training provides the most protection.

“The study is exciting because it supports Combination of aerobic and strength training,” said Kenneth Konsilja, a gerontologist at the Cleveland Clinic who was not involved in the study.

“It’s definitely something I talk about all the time with my patients.”

For the study, researchers used data from the National Health Survey, which then recruited 416,420 US adults between 1997 and 2014.

Participants completed questionnaires detailing the types of physical activity they performed, including specifying how much moderate or vigorous exercisePlus how many muscle-strengthening exercise sessions they did per week.

After adjusting for factors such as age, gender, income, education, marital status, and chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, the researchers found that those who one hour aerobic activity One week of moderate to vigorous exercise had a 15% lower mortality rate. The risk of mortality was 27% lower for those who worked three hours a week.

But those who participated in one or two strength training sessions a week had an even lower risk of mortality: 40% less compared to those who did not exercise at all. The difference is similar between a non-smoker and a person who smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day.

strength training and longevity

The relationship between strength training and longevity is not well understood.

Experts say longevity and strength training have become harder to study because they are very few people who do it regularly,

Even in the recent study, only 24% of participants did regular strength training (versus 63% who said they did aerobics).

The Guidelines Recommend Doing At Least Two Muscle Training Sessions A Week.  Photo Shutterstock.

The guidelines recommend doing at least two muscle training sessions a week. photo shutterstock.

“Even with a huge group like ours, the numbers are still relatively smallArden Pope, an economist at Brigham Young University and one of the paper’s authors, said.

Looking for the best amount

However, research is starting to catch on. In a recent meta-analysis published in February, also in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers were able to measure the effect of strength training on longevity in addition to aerobic activity.

They found that the greatest reduction was associated between 30 and 60 minutes strength training per week, with a 10% to 20% reduction in mortality, heart disease and cancer risk.

However, as Haruki Mamma, a sports scientist at Tohoku University and one of the study’s authors, points out, more research is needed to find this out. optimum amount of strength training.

healthy aging and training

Although more research is needed, experts agree that regular strength training can have significant benefits for healthy aging, including maintaining a higher quality of life.

“If you have good muscle strength, you’re going to work at a very high level and for a very long time,” says Bruce Moseley, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Baylor College of Medicine.

Muscle strength is essential for many daily activities, such as: get up from a chair, open a jarBring home shopping or gardening.

However, “we progressively lose muscle mass as we age,” says Monica Ciolino, a physical therapist at the University of Washington.

This muscle loss is usually Start at age 30 and progress with age,

Still, “we can completely avoid negative effects” with regular strength training, Ciolino said.

And it’s never too late to start. Research shows septuagenarians with mobility problems can also benefit from regular schedules of strength training.

Moseley suggests that the goal should be a consistent strength training program and it’s easy to avoid overuse injuries.

“Keep Light and easy level in the beginning“Once your body starts to adapt, you can start growing.”

If you’re still unsure about certain exercises, she recommends getting expert advice through an exercise class or consulting a personal trainer.

the important thing, they say, is to start and make it a habit, Not only can it help you live longer, but it will also improve your quality of life.

“When I ask people, ‘What does aging successfully mean to you?’ wants to be freeWho wants to maintain his work and the quality of his life, who wants to do what he wants to do,” Concillaja said.

“It’s not necessarily about living as long as possible.”

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