Mayor Catherine Fournier wants to cap that of councilors

Longueuil: after giving up part of her salary, Mayor Catherine Fournier wants to cap that of councilors

Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier is considering establishing salary ceilings for elected officials in her municipality to prevent councilors from earning more than her.

This is what happened last year, when Longuille municipal councilor Jonathan Tabarah received $202,313, or $25,000 more than his boss.

This makes him the third highest paid elected municipal official in Quebec.

Mayor Fournier, for his part, received $188,759 for his duties.

“This all stems from the fact that the salaries of elected officials were not set (in Quebec) in 2017,” explained Ms. Fournier.

His predecessor, Sylvie Parent, thus became the highest paid elected official in Quebec with a salary of almost $250,000 in 2020, even ahead of Prime Minister François Legault.

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Dropping $65,000

Faced with this nonsense, Catherine Fournier promised in the 2021 election campaign to lower her salary as mayor. He reduced it to nearly $65,000 once in office.

“I admit that at that time, we did not believe that because of the number of responsibilities, Jonathan’s salary could exceed my salary. It didn’t take six months for him to realize this,” explained Ms. Fournier.

Many responsibilities

The mayor recalled that Mr. Tabarah was the only member of his team who had become a municipal councilor before 2021. Therefore he inherited many responsibilities, in the city, the agglomeration of Longueuil and external authorities.

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“This was quickly rectified when Jonathan noticed that the amounts could exceed my payment. Until May 2022, he asked not to receive the salary associated with his position as deputy mayor and he gave up holding a position in the CMM (Metropolitan Community of Montreal). »

If he had received all the salary associated with the position of deputy mayor, Jonathan Tabarah would have been the highest paid elected municipal official in Quebec in 2022.

Salary ceiling?

The fact that his right-hand man had to stop the salary of his own consent prompted Mayor Fournier to start thinking about a salary cap, as did the cities of Montreal and Quebec, for example.

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“In fact, it would be better if it were fixed by regulation. We are currently studying possible scenarios to avoid this situation in the future. There will be an analysis to be made of the regulations in Montreal. »

Currently, Catherine Fournier assures that the situation has been corrected and she will be the highest paid elected official in her city in 2023.

“I can confirm that we have done our calculations and that it will be like that,” he vowed.