Look like a goddess: Megan Fox dazzles with a striking new tattoo

Look like a goddess: Megan Fox dazzles with a striking new tattoo

USA. , famous actress Megan Fox, Known for her role in Jennifer’s Body All eyes were on the pre-Grammys Jam For party jenny grammys 2024, Not only for her daring chainmail dress, but also for an eye-catching new dress pony Which adorned his arm.

The tattoo design spans the entire length of Fox’s arm, from shoulder to wrist, featuring motifs such as a cherry blossom and a bird in flight, among other elements. Although it was unclear whether this tattoo was added temporarily Festival or a permanent decision, however, the visual impact was undeniable.

The 37-year-old actress, a mother of three, had revealed in a previous appearance the drew barrymore show In November 2023, he recently got a tattoo that he did not like and would need “re-work” on it. Although he joked that it was “no big deal,” photos after the interview showed no evidence of the tattoo on the sleeve. However, Fox is no stranger to ink, having previously had a pelvic tattoo with her ex-husband’s name brian austin green With snake and flower design.

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Additionally, Fox has several tattoos dedicated to his fiancée. machine gun Kelly, Such as “Gunslinger” on her collarbone, as well as matching voodoo doll tattoos on her ring fingers.

During the viewing party, Fox arrived alone, but was later seen with Machine Gun Kelly, braving the rain as they headed to the Grammys after party. billie eilish At the Fleur Room in West Hollywood, it generated even more interest and speculation about their relationship and lifestyle.

It should be remembered that actress Megan Fox is also known for her role in transformer, revealed intimate details about her life in an interview with WWD a few weeks ago. At the age of 37, she shared that before she suffered a miscarriage with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, she faced a problem pregnancy ectopic In their teenage years. He revealed that he has also gone through other difficulties that he prefers to keep private. Fox described ectopic pregnancy as a traumatic experience and emphasized that some things deserve privacy. with pregnancy loss NSC This was especially painful because of her intense love for him, causing her deep pain and suffering.

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