Lopez Obrador has an infection in his right eye

Lopez Obrador has an infection in his right eye

Chairman Andrew Manuel López Obrador was questioned about his health condition After attending morning conference this morning Infection In this right eye Which was clearly swollen.

This Friday in the treasury room, López Obrador said that he is suffering Kavarich As they call this condition at its core tabasco,

“this is a Kavarich, check. It’s a transition (laughs)”, he explained at the beginning Morning,

The Mexican President clarified that he is in good health, and that he only has an infection in his right eye, nothing to worry about according to what the doctors told him.

“Okay, very good (in health), it’s an infection I think I got on the last dust tour. in my country it is called KavarichBut according to the doctor it is nothing to worry about,” López Obrador argued this morning.

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According to the Dictionary of Americanisms of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language, the word Kavarich Yucatec comes from Maya quietly swelling, and I eye, and defines it as a orzuelo,

The Mayo Clinic explains on its website that a goiter is “a red, painful lump near the edge of the eyelid that looks like a boil or pimple.”

“A stye usually contains pus. A cavity usually forms on the outside of the eyelid, but sometimes it can also form on the inside. In most cases, the cavity will begin to disappear on its own within a few days,’ reads the description of the condition.

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