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Lorenzo Cordova: The 2024 Games have already started, although it is illegal

President Counselor of the National Electoral Institute (offline), Lorenzo Córdova, warned that not only will electoral reform be over in the next few hours, it is also completely out of date.

Without filter, he points out that the people who promote changing the rules are the same ones who have made the 2024 presidential renewal an illegal, perverse one, in violation of the laws “almost their way of life”. , Began with irresponsible and aggressive play.

In Millennium Coffee reiterates the threat of violence initiated Pablo Gomez, co-author of this correction. And he makes it clear: If violence breaks out, it will be the responsibility of those who instigate it, not the election referees who will not hesitate to enforce the law.

He is a favorite target of morning darts, but he claims he sleeps easily. He alleges lies, attacks and demagoguery, insists he does not aspire to any public office and even quotes Pres. andres manuel lopez obrador: “We are not alike!”

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

Lorenzo is not afraid of the jaguar, on the contrary, he challenges it: let them broadcast my conversation mario delgado why Yidkol PolevnskyEveryone has sought help from INE.

Oscar Cedillo: 4T’s Favorite Villain Why Did You Become the President’s “Favorite” Advisor?

I think it’s important to say that this has been a story made of powerTo point out that the National Electoral Institute and its president are also not intermediaries, but players who are against the government, against any party.

But I think it’s a worldwide phenomenon, it happened in the United States with President Trump and it just happened in Brazil with President Bolsonaro.

Salvador Frausto: How do you explain that you were the protagonist of the recent marches?

I want to think it was INE and I think This poisonous discourse is because INE has never bowed down to the interests of any power or any party and I think this is the reason behind it.

Victor Hugo Michel: He accused you, in an interview that we published in MILENIO, that if you prevent a candidate from accessing the ballot in 2024, there could be an outbreak of violence in the country

It is very serious that a senior government official is threatening to use violence, threatening the state with violence is extremely dangerous

what he should have said is that political actors must follow the rules, and do not threaten violenceIt is striking that Pablo Gomez, who comes from the Communist Party and at that time was one of the promoters of the peaceful method, is pretending today that violence can happen, no! If violence occurs, it will be the responsibility of the political actors who instigated it, not the referee who enforces the rules.

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

Jaime Núñez: The effectiveness of the message regarding directors’ pay has been impressive.

This is a deeply lying speech. That INE is the biggest electoral body in the world is a lie!That elections are the most expensive in Mexico is so false!

That the directors earn more than the President is a lie and a democracy. The constitution establishes that the remuneration of any official cannot exceed that of the president, and remuneration is salary, but also the distribution of material benefits: housing, domestic service, today we know that there are eight military housekeepers who also provide cleaning services. Do their home address.

All this has to be added and the Chamber of Deputies has not done so despite the fact that Supreme court More than three years ago he ordered him to do it. why don’t you Because they will realize that no official, least of all someone from the INE, has more remuneration than the President, but they insist and work hard with the clear and specific aim of discrediting the election officials.

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

Carlos Zuniga: Did you ever think that you weren’t going to free him and they were going to take you out of the institute?

The poll, which Mario Delgado commissioned, has the highest approval and credibility rate of 76 percent in the electoral authority’s history. But it is easier to disqualify people than it is to disqualify institutions that have this level of acceptability and public credibility.

Oscar Cedillo: The narrative that you wanted to run for president was handled as well.

Yes, and it’s very curious actually because the most pressing of this narrative was the president from his morning conference. I was very happy at last when June 5 of this year passed and I had already entered the zone of disqualification that the constitution has established for me.

That they want to disqualify us for 10 years, that they want to disqualify us for 20 or 30 years. Let me say it this way, a phrase they call ‘we are not alike!’ prefer to use I’m a public official because they asked me, I’m an academic and I’ll be back in academia, I would ask them to sleep comfortably.

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

Alyssa Alanis: We’ve heard several things from you, as part of the benefits, did you get married with INE’s money or did they give you the resources for your wedding?

not INE as I was married in 2000 and INE was born in 2014, there was a The benefit for IFE employees is that when you got married, they gave you 20 days of your salaryIt was an advantage as it is in many places.

Well, the only thing they’ve found for me and they keep repeating it over and over again because they have nothing else, it’s a very unfortunate wiretapping, a violation of my rights where I’ve talked about some people in a very unfortunate way Expressed myself went to blackmail the National Electoral Institute demanding candidacy or money and for which I publicly apologized.

Carlos Zuniga: But now they’re getting more profit than you are with Leda.

Hopefully one day I will take out of my conversations that I have with others as President of INE. with mario a lot of times with yidecol, i interact with everybody and They ask the president of INE to help everyone!

Unfortunately, espionage is a reality in Mexico and do you know what’s worst? It’s like violence, it doesn’t make us angry anymore, it’s unbelievable. But I sleep very peacefully because I have nothing to hide.

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

Salvador Frausto: How do you evaluate those who make you a candidate?

It is that I am not an opponent. On 4th April I will go back to my trenches and of course I will continue to do politics, not be partisan. I have always said no and I understand it is incomprehensible to political actors, yes political actors are living with power in their heads all day long but we are not all the same.

And it would be irresponsible, it would be to agree with that and blow away all the work done from INE.

Alyssa Alanis: 2006 is a very important year for Andres Manuel. Was there electoral fraud in 2006?

2006 is something that happened a long time ago, and between then and today, neither more nor less than two serious electoral reforms have been passed.

It is very serious that those who filed the suit then, condemning the undue interference of public servants and which led to the change of the Constitution in 2007, are today the first to violate it almost as a way of life. Have done

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

Lorenzo Cordova at Cafe Milenio | George Gonzalez

CARLOS ZUNIGA: But the speech, since the electoral reform of President López Obrador was not approved, will be about fraud in 2024.

Just like Trump, just like Bolsonaro.

Carlos Zuniga: Is the institute safe?

clean, There has never been a demonstration in the world to defend any institution, This is something unprecedented.

Salvador Frausto: Is this the rise of populism in Latin America and a shift in the power of the elite?

What is happening in the world is a phenomenon that is not exclusive. Problems of inequality, corruption, impunity, violence, misinformation, polarizing discourse. All this is creating a breeding ground that is used by those who They sell you visions of redemption ‘Oh yeah, I’ve come and now I’m going to change everything’ And it is very dangerous.

Victor Hugo Michel: Was the presence of a cartel to impose candidates? And what do you think about moving forward to 2024?

Organized crime is a phenomenon that is out there and that affects all spheres of social life including the electoral issue!

now, we are that There’s already talk of organized crime interfering with the campaigns.Kidnapping, threatening candidates.

Unfortunately there is no real one and we have put a lot of emphasis on this since 2021, we have not sat down with the officials, we have not been successful despite the fact that INE has requested, we have not sat down to make a state Diagnosed as officials of the U.S., to know how big this event is and it’s something we should do.

Unofficially, some states’ prosecutors come and tell you ‘oops, but they registered that candidate and it is known that he is a drug trafficker’, ‘hey, you’re the prosecutor, why don’t you arrest him’ What would you do if you knew he was a drug smuggler?’

We are not intelligence or police agencies, we are not a public ministry.

Carlos Zuniga: Another phenomenon that is happening is advanced succession, the executive has highlighted the issue, there are bottle caps, pre-candidates, banners and messages and fences.

This is a very delicate topic, because it moves me, I don’t want to introduce the topic of reform but do you really This is the best time to do electoral reform When was the succession already advanced? i.e. we have bottle caps on one side, we have catwalks on the other, and everybody’s looking at who’s going to be the contender, they raise their hands, say ‘I want to be’ or ‘I’m the successor’ fellow ‘.

Even when the law is being broken because it shouldn’t be, our rules prohibit itIs it really the right time to change the rules of the game? Illegally, but the game has already started.

There are political actors who deserve a hat, it is a deeply perverted and irresponsible game, if the general thing is that laws are violated, then it is a game that can no longer be called democratic, it It is a game of Agandale.

Óscar Cedillo: Do ​​you think that INE is experiencing one of the worst moments of its life? Because it all sounds disastrous, doesn’t it?

i will tell you that we live in a very complicated momentBut at the same time, paradoxically, I believe this is the moment of the national election institution’s greatest strength.

Alyssa Alanis: A new Council formation is coming.

What we know today is that the rules for electing directors are the same as they were in 2014. Well, in 2020, it must be publicly acknowledged, Mario Delgado decided to side with the consensus and that should be it. Morena has already given the election of democratic agreement two years ago.

Jaime Núñez: And in that sense, these vacancies can remain as they are in Cofece, can the council table remain limp?

Yes it can and it won’t be the first time that INE has been truncated, is this the norm? No, that would be an excuse that bad players would have that after a while when they lose, whoever loses, they say ‘cheating, cheating!’

Victor Hugo Michel: Is the land being sown so that in 2024 it will be said ‘fraud’?

Finally, it has been shown over and over again that the only fraud that has been perpetrated over the past eight and a half years has been fraud, the fraud of those who say “the fraud was committed.”



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