Los Vilos Festival: Grills per day featuring Los Vasquez, Pailita and Rafaga

Los Vilos Festival: Grills per day featuring Los Vasquez, Pailita and Rafaga

This weekend will be the XIV edition of the Los Vilos Festival, which will take place in the port city on February 16, 17 and 18.

Pelita, Rafaga, Los Vasquez, Eric Berrios, An important public infrastructure.

Mayor Christian Gross said that “We are very happy because, based on a public tender, in addition to the decisions we are making with the municipal council, it is on the beach, is free and open to the public, this gives us Something to be proud of as a community… We hope it will be just as great an event as it was in 2023. And we are very pleased with the lineup and production company chosen for this festival, which is something we can’t wait to see happen in 2023. “The third day of development of the incident”.

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Furthermore, the first communal authority said that “We also add that just as we had a spectacular drone show in the anniversary month, we want to repeat this experience, extend it to all our tourists, so we “Going to make a great drone.” show. In Los Vilos we live in the summer, so we invite you all to this event and to all the activities lovingly planned in our community during the month of February.

It should be noted that María Eugenia Larraín will be in animation with Villa’s animator Roberto Castañeda.

There is an invitation to participate in this free, open-air festival organized by the Illustrious Municipality of Los Villas.

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Friday 16th February

  • Eric Berrios
  • Vasquez

Saturday 17th February

  • marcelo valverde
  • ax bay
  • burst


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