Luciano Castro returns to the stage with a luxury actress


Premieres December 27 at Teatro AmericaAs confirmed by businessman Carlos Rotemberg, more will be known about the actors completing the cast over the next few days.


Luciano Castro Returns To The Stage With A Luxury Actress

With Flor Vigna, Luciano Castro and the artist are increasingly consolidating as a couple. The actors are more in love than ever, and this week they showed In their social networks they see an intimate detail This would indicate that they are engaged.

Through its official Twitter account, the program that leads Angel De Brito, LAM, showed an image where you could see ex sabrina rosa lying in bed with engagement ring, same with ex Nicolas Ochiato, In his case, showing it directly to the camera.

Flor Vigna Reveals What He Likes Most About Luciano Castro

A follower, actress and singer faced a question on Instagram floor vigna identify what attracts her the most about her boyfriend, Luciano Castro.

It was through the social network where the actress and singer opened up to get some questions from her followers and one was directed towards the actor and her relationship with the ex. Sabrina Rosa,

“What do you love most about Lucho? I met him on the street and they are a love, they are so in love”, He asked floor vigna via her Instagram stories and where a few weeks ago she replied if she wanted to be a mom.

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To which he lovingly replied with a picture of the two: “I love how we inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves. I love it when I come dressed up and I can cry with him. And when he makes me laugh out loud. I like how he takes care of me. I like his family and them in my life.”


Luciano Castro Returns To The Stage With A Luxury Actress


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