Luis Matteucci admits positive relations with the children of Daniela Aranguiz

Daniela Aranguiz and Luis Matteucci |  Courtesy: Channel 13

After the end of the Tierra Brava recording (in real time), Luis Matteucci explained how his relationship with Daniela Aranguiz was going, confessing that she had already been introduced to the family and that she was not able to meet her boyfriend’s children. Were capable.

According to what he said, he has the best impression of the children Jorgito and Agustina, so everything will go smoothly.

“We never shared Dani’s children, but after the reality show we have already and everything is great. I get along very well with Jorgito, he is very nice and polite, a very nice kid and has good values. We have a relationship and a beautiful future,” he told Página 7.

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In addition, he revealed what it was like to spend so much time with Daniela Aranguiz, because before sharing the screen in Tierra Brava, their meetings were sporadic and for the first time they were together 24/7.

“It was very easy, it was good to be with Dani on the reality show. He made it easy for me, he didn’t make it complicated for me.”

Likewise, they clarified that at the moment there are no plans to live together, as they did during their imprisonment in Peru.

“No plans, he’s with his kids and I’m in my apartment. “We see each other every day, but we see each other at home.”

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Marriage to Matteucci and Aranguiz

Furthermore, he mentioned the possibilities of formalizing the relationship, clarifying that first of all, she would have to get a divorce.

“I asked him on the reality show, I don’t know if it was marriage, but it was commitment. We need a little more time to get to know each other and enjoy this phase of dating. Then, if the time comes, we will both be ready (to commit). First, she has to get a divorce (with Jorge Valdivia). She’s separated, yes, but she’s not divorced, and until she gets the divorce, nothing can be formalized,” he hinted.


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