Luis Planas highlights that the new cap . The leadership of the olive sector will be strengthened with

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, today expressed his “optimism” about the “positive prospects” for the Spanish olive sector, based on the region’s good position to take advantage of the incentives of the new Common Agricultural Policy. PAC).

In addition to the economic importance of olive cultivation and its industry to the large Spanish rural areas, the minister has emphasized its great social, environmental and landscape value. As he stressed, “olive oil has a present, but its future is even brighter in terms of quality and quantity to reach more citizens around the world.”

Planas believes in meeting the challenge of achieving marketing that meets the needs of our consumers and, at the same time, provides what is needed, in the context of higher prices and lower production compared to previous operations. The area is in good condition. Remuneration for producers.

Minister Luis Planas has closed this morning, the national conference “The present and future of olive groves and olive oil”, organized by the Interoleo Group in Jena, where he has stressed that “the new CAP is going to be excellent for Spain”. For Andalusia and Jain”. In this context, he stressed that Spain has managed to take into account the needs of small producers, “something that is fundamental in Andalusia”.

The minister mentioned the inclusion of small part-time farmers in the assistance scheme; to model 20 regions that reflect the diversity of Andalusian agricultural production; for a redistributive payment design that benefits the small and medium producer; And for a new aid associated with the traditional olive grove which has greater production difficulties and will have an impact practically in Andalusia.

Along the same lines, the Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food recalled that even in olive groves, within the new CAP, there will be a variety of measures that will improve the environmental and climate impact of the olive sector. In particular, data on eco-plans that would promote sustainable crops, plant cover and biodiversity spaces; Support for energy optimization and use of by-products; support for the ecological olive grove; and extended and consulted practices with olive growers and oil mills in a period of adaptation to new practices.

Planas points to the nutritional properties of olive oil, which is increasingly appreciated in new consumer trends; Professionalization and specialization of the sector, which provide greater value and quality; And the biggest public support the region has ever received since Spain entered the European Union are three elements that make up a very positive scenario for the olive grove.

Luis Planas also pointed to the difficulties of the present, determined by the final stretch of a global pandemic, extreme weather events, such as drought and high temperatures, and a war at the gates of Europe, which would have left the military. In addition to energy, it also has an open front in world food security. In this sense, the minister pointed out that, from the community level, work is being done to guarantee sustainability in food production and protect predictable trade based on rules that avoid price volatility and market turbulence. .

In any case, Planus assures that the situation in the olive sector is favorable at the moment, noting that, in the last two campaigns, there has been good production and good marketing with remunerative and profitable prices for the growers. In this regard, he recalled that the Olive Grove Roadmap, which was launched by the ministry in June 2020, has contributed to accommodating supply and demand, improving traceability and segmenting the market. The price crisis the sector faced at the time has been reversed and today, olive oil payouts are double what they were two years ago and 22.7% higher than last year. In this way, “we have managed to increase the quality of our oil, which is the best guarantee for opening up new markets and achieving better prices.”

He stressed that the olive grove is the key to the development of the Spanish agri-food sector, as it is a reference product in Spain’s food exports. In the region, he thanked the European Union and the new United States administration for the efforts made to eliminate tariffs on olive oil, which have allowed the North American market to make a “great” recovery.

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