Luis Sandoval reveals the factors influencing the health failures of Daniel Fuenzalida

Luis Sandoval reveals the factors influencing the health failures of Daniel Fuenzalida - Publimetro Chile

Daniel Fuenzalida is going through a dangerous health condition, a fact that is causing concern in the entertainment industry. In the middle of November, the communicator suffered a severe decompensation, for which he had to be admitted for a few days, as a preventive measure, to be monitored, in the German Clinic.

About the reasons that brought the host of “Me Late Estelar” to this state of care, his friend and partner in the Zona Latina program, Luis Sandoval, spoke to Página 7.

“I talked to him more internally and it had to do with a lot of things that happened after the death of his parents,” the reporter said.

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“They are a duel that maybe he is just assimilating, the loss of your parents is super complicated, I tell you from my own experience,” he added.

Likewise, Sandoval explained that “I think it’s a sadness that will never be overcome and he’s going through the process of assimilating it.”

“For example, when the Telethon was on, he didn’t have a call from his mother or father to tell him ‘you’re good, you’re great, come on, give him power’, but he lacked it and then he started to refuse,” he confessed. Luis.

Too much work

In addition, the panelist of “Me Late Estelar” highlighted Daniel Fuenzalida’s complex work as a trigger for his health problems. “It also has to do with overwork, it has to do with a series of factors like realizing you need to rest and give yourself time,” he reflected.

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“One day I told him ‘go, rest, break up’, which is what we should do. I go to Pichelemu all week and this is my ground cable, it’s good for me because the television is cold, calculating and killing you,” the communicator acknowledged.

“But it’s okay. He went back to the rhythm of the work he had, but that’s how he is, they like to do a lot,” he admitted about his friend.