Luksic explained that Chile had not progressed for four years

 Luksic explained his vote for the Plebiscite and explained that Chile

The businessman said that “the search for the ideal text may take some time,” but the constitutional proposal to be voted on December 17 “allows Chile to move forward.”

The Chilean businessman, Andronicus Luksic, This Thursday, he explained his desire to vote for the constitutional plebiscite that will take place on December 17.

Through his account on the social network “X” (formerly Twitter), he stated that there have been “4 years of constitutional discussion” and that this path “of uncertainty leaves the country on the path of development and growth.”

He then continued it “The lack of clear rules slows down investment and harms opportunities for thousands of people.”

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The businessman suggested that he would vote in favor of the constitutional proposal on December 17, as he noted that although “the search for the ideal text may take a long time, it allows Chile to move forward.”

“In favor of closing this chapter and looking to the future again,” “X” is written.

In September, Andrónico Luksic resigned from the boards of Quiñenco, Banco de Chile, CCU, CSAV, LQIF, and Invexans. His resignation will take effect on December 29.

“I will continue to ensure, from another level, the well-being of our companies and that they will always continue to prioritize that relationship of respect and cooperation with the workers and the community,” said the businessman.

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