Lula again called for reform of the UN Security Council

Lula again called for reform of the UN Security Council

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, this Saturday at the end of his visit to Angola, stressed the need for a reform of the United Nations Security Council, where he defended the inclusion of African, Latin American or Asian countries in the highest body of the UN.

“The UN of 2023 has nowhere near the same credibility as the UN of 1945,” the Brazilian president said in statements to the press.

“The Security Council, which should guarantee peace and tranquility, is the one that wages war without speaking to anyone. Russia invades Ukraine without discussing it in the Security Council. The United States invades Iraq without discussing it in the Security Council. France and the… “The UK invades Libya without going through the Security Council. In other words, the countries of the Security Council are those that make war, produce arms, and sell arms. This is a mistake,” Lula said, according to the state agency Brazil.

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“In 1948 the United Nations succeeded in founding the State of Israel. In 2023, they cannot enforce the Palestinian-reserved zone. She has been weakened. And it’s even worse on the climate issue. At all COPs we decide many things.” , but none of them apply. Why aren’t they fulfilled? Because there is no sovereign state. The UN has no power to say, ‘We must comply or certain measures must be taken,'” he said.

At the same time, Lula defended the inclusion of more countries in the Security Council so that it would have more realistic representation.

“How is Africa represented in the Security Council? How is Asia, Latin America represented? We have made it clear that we are in favor of Brazil being included in the Security Council along with India, Germany and Japan. There are differences, but they are not ours,” he added.

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The Brazilian president, who has long insisted on the need for a reform of this UN body, said in May that countries like Argentina and Mexico should be included in the highest UN body, which has 15 members, five of which are permanent and legal members Veto: China, United States, France, Russia and United Kingdom.

About debts to the IMF
On that visit to the African continent, Lula questioned the IMF’s debt repayment mechanism for countries in the region for the first time since he began his third term in office.

“We have to start a new fight,” he said, noting that the continent has accumulated $760 billion in debt that needs to be repaid to the IMF.

“These debts become unpayable because they can never be repaid and the problem continues to grow. What’s the logic? It’s about sensitizing the owners of that debt so that they turn it into infrastructure aid. The money from the debt.” “Instead of being paid, it would be invested in infrastructure work,” he said.

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Diplomacy for Nigeria
On the other hand, the Brazilian president rejected a possible military intervention in Niger as a solution to the July 26 coup, leading the Economic Community of West African States (Cedeo) not to rule out the use of force if the junta does not hand over power to the ousted president Mohamed Bazoum back.

Lula said he sees no “military solution” to solving the problem and defended the use of “diplomacy”.

Lula ends his official visit to Angola this Saturday and travels to São Tomé and Príncipe, where he will attend the Summit of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) this Sunday.


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