Luxury shipping companies Scenic Cruises and Windstar Cruises know Almeria

Representatives from the Australian luxury cruise shipping company ‘Scenic Cruises’ (belonging to the tour operator ‘Scenic Tours’) on Monday visited the facilities of the Port of Almeria and the attractions offered by our capital.

A meeting which was attended by the Councilor for City Promotion of Almería City Council, Jesus Luc, Manager of the Fundación Bahia Almeriport, Fabio Laborda-Ortega, Head of the Commercial and Quality Division of the Port Authority. Antonio Cuesta and the representative of the tourism sector of the Provincial Council. The person in charge of City Promotion has highlighted the importance that such meetings represent for the Consistency “in which the Almería City Council can show all the good things that our city has in terms of tourism. These are ‘Fam Trips’. ‘ Let us help in the ultimate objective, which is none other than attracting tourists to our port and with it our city.

The fam trip that intertwines, during Saturday and Sunday days, has been done as a prelude to the participation of the Almería City Council through the Institutional Board of Cruises in the fair ‘Cetrade Cruises’ in both the capital and the province . Made’, which will take place in Malaga on 14 and 15 September.

‘Scenic Cruises’ belongs to the Australian tour operator ‘Scenic Tours’. Founded in 1986 by Glenn Moroney, it had humble beginnings — according to its website. It began with coach tour operations in Australia, then New Zealand, Norfolk Island and South Africa, and in 2008, as Scenic Cruises, it began river cruise operations in Europe and Russia with its luxurious ‘Space-Ships’.

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The ‘Fam Trip’ with Windstar and its tour operator Mermaidsa Cruise Services took place over the weekend. Windstar is a United States cruise line that operates a fleet of small luxury cruise ships with a capacity of between 148 and 310 passengers, which cruises to more than 50 countries with stops in 150 ports throughout Europe – including Almeria. -, Polynesia, the Caribbean and Central America. During his stay in the province, he has visited Almocita and some wine cellars in the Lojor d’Andarax and Padules, and has visited the center of Almería and various museums in the city. Organized by the APA, FBA and Turrivaria, this ‘Fam Trip’ aims to promote new itineraries, excursions and author tours in the capital and province of Almeria.

In order to prepare for participation in Seatrade Med, representatives of the Cruise Board also held a meeting with Jordi Caballe, a consultant at the company’s Ports and Logistics Advisory. At this meeting, in which the Consultant presents the work done by his Advisor, the advances and the line of work to be followed in cruise tours and fairs, meetings and tasks that will develop during his participation in the Table of Representatives fair, both Institutionally and with agents from the cruise sector.


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