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LUZ nutritionist warns that “dark bread” is not for diabetics, “this product contains caramelina”

Juliano is a voracious consumer of bread in all his appearances, but despite this, There is very little nutrition education on the subject and the item’s importance in diabetics who must follow a strict diet to remain stable.

Looking at the situation, Marinela Vega is Professor at the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Zulia (LUZ). Alerted the public not to buy “dark bread” or “black bread” listed for diabetics because it contains a high percentage of sugar.

“There are bakeries that make bread and They put caramelina on it, that’s burnt sugar, they put very thick paper on it so the bread turns black, That’s why they tell people ‘this roti is very wholemeal because it has a lot of fiber, look at its colour’ and it is absolutely false. Bread for diabetics is not dark, it can’t be dark because it just can’t brown in the oven because it doesn’t have sugar in it”. explained the expert in conversation with last edition.

As a nutritionist, Vega cautions that a large percentage of diabetics follow a strict no-sugar diet: “I’m not going to name the bakery because it’s not, I’m just telling people to be careful and not be stupid.”

Indicated by the Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Nutrition at LUZ Caring for a diabetic patient instills their alertness that requires surgery with other deformities but His glycemia remained high despite strict adherence to his established diet.

“His sister tells me; ‘I swear she’s on a good diet’, but her blood sugar is high. I interviewed him and the story was that he bought bread for diabetics And they told her that this bread was too wholemeal because it was black, ”she recalled.

Noticing the irregularity, Vega told him that he could not continue consuming the product: “The patient of diabetes does not make insulin to control the sugar, two and two make four, You can’t eat sugar and they’re selling you bread that has caramelina in it.”

a device that could save lives

after the anecdote Expert initiative to impart knowledge to his patients and general public To prevent more people from going through the same situation, they were ready to give advice that could save lives.

“Just like she might with any other diabetic patient That they can’t eat sugar and that they are ‘poisoning’ but they don’t know it”, he continued.

Regarding the nutritional ignorance of the bread consumer, he pointed out that the citizen wants soft bread but its texture is due to the fact that it was made with a high percentage of fat.

“Aguadito bread is the bread that has the most fat, and people say it’s not, Those are the conceptual errors that people have around bread. They see bread for diabetics but they see yellow and black, so they choose golden, brown, black,” he continued.

The expert reiterated that she was not going to name the bakery: “I’m not going to start broadcasting or impressing anyone in particular, I am not going to harm the bakery union, what I am doing is alerting people”.

Lastly, he urged bakers to be honest with their customers and People with diabetic family members to seek advice about the nutritional value of each product So that they can guarantee the stability of their loved one.

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