Luz Raquel Padilla: brutal murder of a woman who set fire to Mexico after condemning death threats

Luz Raquel Padilla: brutal murder of a woman who set fire to Mexico after condemning death threats

“How long will I have to live in fear?”

that surprise Luz Raquel Padilla Gutierrez On May 17, when he published on Twitter photos of threatening graffiti left on the steps of his apartment in Zapopan, Jalisco state in Mexico.

“I’m going to burn you alive”, “you’re going to die, Machora”, said the graffiti.

two months later, Padilla died to burns when a group of people douse her with alcohol and set fire to a park near her house in the neighborhood arches of zapopan,

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office reported this Thursday the arrest of one person, Sergio Ismail “N”As a suspect of the offenses of “injuries, threats and offenses committed against the dignity of the people”.

Padilla, 35, had filed an earlier complaint at the police station against one of his neighbors for coexistence problems and an investigation folder was launched.

On the same day that she published photos of the threats, she also claimed that her attacker had attacked with industrial chlorine.

Padilla was the mother and caregiver of an 11-year-old son with autism. According to the organization Yo Cuido México, to which the deceased belonged, “the constant death threatsThere were reasons for “intolerance to the noise his son made at the time of crisis”.

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The minor is currently under the care of his grandmother and aunt.

The brutality of the case, past threats and failed requests for protection by Padilla before the authorities are shocking and are fueling outrage in a country stricken by an endemic crisis of female murders.

potential attacker

After the attack, police and municipal medical services went to the scene, where they found the victim with burns, which were later estimated to cover more than 80% of the body in the hospital.

Several Mexican media report that, according to witnesses, the attacking group was made up of five people: four men and one woman.

Padilla Had Been Condemning The Threats For Months, Which She Attributed To Her Neighbors
Padilla had been condemning the threats for months, which she attributed to her neighborsTwitter

Since then, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office said it was “performing various actions, both in the field and in the cabinet, to obtain information about the identities of the attackers.”

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Padilla. condemned the neighborAccording to Jalisco Prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz, Jesus Ismail “N”, voluntarily appeared to testify this Wednesday.

He was questioned and later this Thursday informed of an arrest warrant.

problem of coexistence

Padilla was having a tough time with many of his neighbors and often posted about it on Twitter.

In addition to condemning the threatening graffiti and chlorine attack, the victim also complained about her neighbors blocking access to the ceiling, holding parties or keeping a dog in common areas.

In his posts he used to mention officers like the Zapopan Police.

On July 15, a day before she was fatally attacked, the victim showed her desperation when one of her neighbors sent a patrol after her son’s distress.

“How is it possible that a minor with autism and epilepsy My neighbor sent him a patrol to hit one or more cribs and walls”, she complained on Twitter.

Anger at the work of officials

Padilla Was The Mother And Caregiver Of Her 11-Year-Old Son, Who Was Diagnosed With Autism.  The Minor Is Now In The Care Of His Grandmother And Aunt.
Padilla was the mother and caregiver of her 11-year-old son, who was diagnosed with autism. The minor is now in the care of his grandmother and aunt.Twitter

This case has caused shock and outrage in Mexico.

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Like many other women in the country, Many demand more responsibility from the authorities Which they see as an inadequate act of protection against women.

In the case of Padilla, i care for mexico says that the victim did not receive “due attention or follow-up action” after reporting to the Zapopan police station.

The group also condemned that their request for Padilla to join the Pulse of Life program was denied “because they believed that threats from ‘third parties’ were not sufficient reason to be a beneficiary.” “

Pulse of Life is a device with a location system and a panic button that sends a signal for help so that, in an emergency, the patrol can go to the nearest person requesting assistance.

The State Human Rights Commission in Jalisco announced the launch of an ex-officio complaint for “an alleged lack of due diligence by increasing attention and follow-up action against the State Prosecutor’s Office and the police station in Zapopan”.

For his part, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, assured that Luz had security measures in place and that there was a judicial folder in coordination with the Zapopan police.

“There were surveillance patrols and they were given individual attention, but nothing was enough in the face of such tyrannyAlfaro said.


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