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M. Night Shyamalan: The craziest movie moments we’ve seen from the director who specializes in shocking twists

He is back. Or so they say. ‘Multiple’ (Split, 2017), ‘Glass’ (2019) and ‘Tiempo’ (Old, 2021) seem to have stunned us with films like ‘The Sixth Sense’ (The Sixth Sense, 1999), ‘ got it back. Signs’ (Signs, 2003) or ‘The Protected’ (Unbreakable, 2001), the same one that progressively lost its mojo until Each of his new films was practically greeted with smack,

now it’s more contentwhich has won the favor of critics and the public, and which has one more premiere under its belt, we review best moments of unintentional humor Among the less fortunate films of his filmography; To remember, fondly, his darkest phase and, why not, have fun.

since we are talking about the king of the final twist (almost a pathology) failed This little review makes them uncontrollable.

arguing with figs

‘The Incident’ (The Happening, 2008) was the director’s vision of the apocalyptic film that was so fashionable in the 2000s with an interesting idea: mass suicide For inexplicable reasons in the form of danger.

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The big problem with the movie isn’t that the characters jump to conclusions about the reasons within minutes, the big problem is the characters themselves. the great incredible moment of the movie is when the hero try talking to a plastic plant, Between the absurd and the Dadaist. Shyamalan’s career changed forever.



What about ‘The Visit’ (The Visit, 2015)? It’s either a corny joke, or just the director trying to have a good time without caring to take his own premise seriously. Is cheater like some But it must be admitted that it entertains in its moments of horror. But the moment Grandpa does his massage dirty diapers To the unbearable leading child, amazes us. It deals with a type of scatological humor that’s funny in a bar, but even in a movie as insane as ‘journey‘, it’s shocking.

Shyamalan El Profeta

Water Boy

‘La Joven del Agua’ (Lady in the Water, 2006) has many moments that make it a wonderful unintentional comedy, Attempt to recreate a group of picturesque characters, from your own mythology or end up thanks to a cereal box.

But one of the really intolerable and funny moments is to see how the director and screenwriter play a hallucinatory writer who has all the answers by posing as a prophet. his appearances He should redefine the word messianic.

recruitment dialogue

maybe ‘Sign’ (Signs, 2002) is the director’s most restrained film, but that doesn’t absolve it of anything weirdest things, When Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), a failed baseball player, tries to enlist in the army, and the officer (Ted Sutton) learns that he was a league player, he strikes up a dialogue with an exhibit, beginning From, misspelled.

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But the scene takes a turn for the worse when the man begins to deliver a monologue about Meryl’s career that ends with a sentence that makes even less sense. ,Why don’t you get in with the pros to make heaps of money and have all the pretty ladies licking their feet?,

‘The Forest’ Bari (The Village, 2004)

Shyamalan Boss

Some say they catch it the first time, others are caught by surprise, but hardly anyone buys it. Oh, is that so! Oh, is that soit is the present time, It’s a moment that sums up the director’s addiction to building an entire film around an unbelievable premise. In our hearts we wish it would work, but a group of professors recreate the lives of purists destroying their children’s lives and playing to hurt them A stupid idea, even in a national park.

cough syrup

We can’t leave one of his most brilliantly funny films without remembering the monologue about cough syrup that makes his wife jealous, of the protagonist of ‘.Event, Mark Wahlberg’s face says it all, but Zooey Deschanel’s gestures (is her character autistic?) are unmatched here and throughout the rest of the film.

The End of Multiple (Split, 2017)


it’s very typical Shyamalan, The entire film talks about the Beast, the hidden and most terrifying personality of the madman played by James McAvoy. When it finally appears, it confirms the whole theory of physical changes through mental changes, with which we have been toying for two hours, but the conclusion, when the animal is about to catch up”last girl”, only already equal to the epic “Martha” From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016).

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The monster decides not to eat its victim because, oh, he sees that she has scars all over her body and of course, most likely, it’s because she was abused, like he was. It is pure. clean. one of the most cynical and forced endings Recent great cinema.

crazy airbending


‘Airbender, The Last Warrior’ (The Last Airbender, 2010) angered anime fans for its distortion of the original idea and the disastrous performances of most of the cast. Although it’s not as terrible as they paint itYes, it cherishes many moments that leave you with a scruffy ass. Especially the scenes in which the “airbending” of the series is depicted with a series of ridiculous tribal dances with the only thing missing is Steven Segal doing his already legendary lezginka pass.

Jaden Smith and ‘After Earth’ (2013)

After Earth

Everything in ‘After Earth’ Is Down Under Shyamalan, But the performance of Smith, father and son is particularly funny. Particularly absurd is the father’s monologue in which he describes how he overcame his fear and most of the moments in which the boy has a phrase that is sufficiently over-dramatized by the script. An illustrative example, the “I’m not a coward” What is this His flesh

death to critics

YouTube video

follow along his narcissistic exposure, ‘La Joven del Agua’ includes a nice manifesto against film critics, right after he smashes ‘El Bosque’. To do this, they include, completely arbitrarily in their plot, a haughty, arrogant, and assless critic who dies ridiculously and horribly, after reciting a metafilmic monologue about what is happening to him. Due to which the color increases.

a tantrum in which is pulled outside conventions as a rebel and misunderstood by critics, No, Mr. Shyamalan, critics dislike your movies for being cynical, self-indulgent, and unfounded descriptions like that.

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