M701JAC Gas Turbine Mitsubishi Power Over 8,000 Actual Operating Hours – World Energy

M701JAC Gas Turbine Mitsubishi Power Over 8,000 Actual Operating Hours - World Energy

Tokyo Mitsubishi Power, the power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited (MHI), has achieved 8,000 actual operating hours (actual operating hours/AOH) for M701JAC gas turbine. The gas turbine unit was installed for powered gas and steam power generation systems (GTCC) as part of a joint venture between Thailand’s Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, the country’s largest independent power producer (IPP) and Mitsui & Co. it was done. Limited The previous model M501JAC 60Hz gas turbine hit 8,000 AOH in June 2018, and with the M701JAC 50Hz model still exceeding 8,000 AOH, the new J Series Air Cooled (J Series Air Cooled) series added reliability to 50Hz Has set the industry benchmark and 60Hz market.

In addition, the Model M501JAC gas turbines used for long-term demonstration works commencing in July 2020 at the T-Point 2 Gas and Steam Power Plant Verification Facility on the property of Takasago Machinery Works in Hyogo Prefecture were recently completed. Reproduces results of over 8,000. AOH. This achievement provides further evidence of the reliability of the JAC Series gas turbines.

The GTCC power plant project in Thailand is a joint venture between Gulf Energy Development Public Co Ltd and Mitsui & Co Ltd to build and operate two large-scale power plants, one in Chonburi Province and the other in Rayong Province. The plant uses eight M701JAC gas turbine units with a total Production A combined 5,300 megawatts (MW). The first units delivered, now exceeding 8,000 AOH, entered service at the plant in Chonburi Province, about 130 kilometers southeast of the capital Bangkok, in late March 2021. This power plant already operates three M701JAC units.

T-Point 2 is a state-of-the-art GTCC power plant validation facility that includes an M501 JAC unit for 60 Hz power generation and a highly efficient steam turbine overall. Production 566 MW. This facility optimizes and verifies the total output in actual power grid-connected power plants to provide technical support for reliable long-term operation. Long-term performance operations at T-Point 2 are managed by the Takasago Tomony Hub Analytics and Performance Center, and utilize many existing and newly developed digital applications in the Tomony® Smart Solutions Suite, making T-Point 2 the world’s smartest becomes a power plant. , TOMONI’s recently validated solutions include AI-powered applications to autonomously optimize plant performance and operation as well as reliability assurance applications using state-of-the-art visualization, historical trends and predictive diagnostics. T-Point 2 is also a core facility for the Takasago Hydrogen Park which is currently under construction, and for operational verification and integration of emerging technologies for total energy management including hydrogen fuel utilization, hydrogen production and energy use using hydrogen fuel. Will be done. storage.

Toshiyuki Hashi, MHI Senior Executive Fellow and Head of the Energy Transition and Power Headquarters of Energy Systems, said the JAC series gas turbines at these two plants have achieved high reliability and efficiency, reaching up to 8,000 hours of operation.
“We believe that the JAC Series gas turbines, which are capable of providing clean energy with high efficiency through the use of hydrogen fuel, will play an important role in realizing a carbon neutral society in the future,” they said in a written statement. Thursday (15/9/). 2022).

The JAC Series gas turbines take advantage of a high turbine inlet temperature of 1,650 °C, providing a world-leading power generation efficiencies of 64%, the highest level for power generation. Since the commercial launch of the J series gas turbines (which includes the JAC series) in 2009, orders from customers in Japan and around the world have been steadily increasing, reaching a total of 92 units. Of these, 52 are currently in commercial operation, taking the combined operating hours for the J Series to over 1.7 million hours in total.

Taking advantage of this reliability industry benchmarking of 8,000 AOH for Mitsubishi Power, M701JAC and M501JAC models, Mitsubishi Power will focus its efforts to encourage widespread use of state-of-the-art JAC series gas turbines and contribute to reducing the environmental burden. In terms of achieving stable, reliable power output. critical to global economic growth and energy transition strategies. (RA)