Maduro asked Biden to permanently lift economic sanctions

Maduro asked Biden to permanently lift economic sanctions

All Venezuela, all Venezuela, by consensus, demand that all measures against its economy be permanently removed, the president emphasized during a meeting of the National Council of Productive Economy, in the Ayacucho Hall of the Miraflores Palace, Government headquarters.

Maduro also called the beginning of “a new era, a new era of relations of respect and cooperation at the highest level” between the United States and the Bolivarian Republic.

“We are ready, we are ready, we want it and this is the consensus of all sectors: political, religious, economic, cultural and social in the country; a powerful consensus,” he emphasized.

The Venezuelan head of state advocated for a “new relationship of respect” between Washington and Caracas.

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He commented on the five defined consensus and said that the third calls to protect peace, unity, to reject hatred, fascism, division and violence, and the fourth is called to recover the state of social welfare, in his opinion, the most difficult to. reachable because there have been injuries in the past seven years.

Maduro pointed out that these social lacerations can be seen in the labor, social, salary and pensioner areas, and he assured that they will achieve this, as well as increase the real income of workers and retirees who “place them in a higher state” years of resistance, pain and sacrifice.

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He emphasized that the current Venezuelan consensus moves the country to progress in the recovery of Guayana Esequiba and to protect peace, dignity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The president highlighted the positive pace of economic development in the country, which has been consolidated this year, and noted that there have been nine consecutive quarters of growth “harmoniously in all sectors.”

He praised this sense that the activity of the oil industry was able to stabilize its own efforts, which allowed more energy and that at the end of the third quarter the extraction of crude oil and natural gas increased to 12.99 percent.

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Along with this sector, agriculture, fish and seafood exports, private manufacturing, commerce, the production of medicines and agro-industrial production, etc., also grew.