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Magic the Gathering turns 30: how much would you pay to open a Black Lotus in a pack?

that’s how it is, Magic celebrates its 30th birthday And to celebrate, it has released its most controversial product yet. from november 28 you can Buy a box of the 30th Anniversary Edition, which contains 4 boosters of 15 cards for the “modest” price of $999,

And what comes inside those roughly $250 envelopes? Well, cards from the first expansion, very expensive and hard to find, such as: Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Tundra, Underground Sea, etc.


happy B-Day

Everyone celebrates their birthday the way they want, and that’s exactly what Wizards has done with its flagship product, breaking its promise not to print letters. “Reserve List”ok not at all…

Don’t you know what is “reserve list”?? Ok, then we better stop and start at the beginning:

30 years ago, in a galaxy not far away…

a young man named Richard Garfield was trying to get a company to publish a board game for him, he came up with what many would call Robo Rally, For a small business that was just starting out. The company was called Wizards of the Coast, but they couldn’t reach an agreement at that meeting, because the company was just starting out and they couldn’t afford to publish such a large game, they needed a few smaller, cheaper ones. There was a need for something more portable.

Garfield was laying the groundwork for the game while studying at university. The problem with this type of game is the balance of card power, as you can’t create better and worse cards, as people will only play with “good” people, who would want to play with bad cards? it has to be A balanced game so that there are not too many people who buy all the good cards and always win. Also, if the same deck always wins, eventually the game gets boring and you stop playing.

After several months of work, one night he met his friend Barry at the University of Pennsylvania for dinner and they began to play, the game almost developed and already testing Alpha cards. After what seemed like a few hours they decided to sleep, as they were tired and it must have been two or three in the morning, what was their surprise when they came out and found that it was morning. That was the moment he knew he was making something great.


The first collection to go on sale was Alpha

They made a small circulation because no one expected such a huge success that it was and sold out so quickly that they had to issue a beta (with 3 times more circulation. This is almost the same set, but in a black border and instead of 295 cards, it had 302 due to correction of errata

As a curiosity to remark that the game began with a bet on a card called “ante”, as this gave an incentive to the game and the possibility of getting a card without spending money, even a single card. There was also someone who interacted with that mechanic, however they realized it was a mistake and ended it.

and so they were taking the collection, After the beta came Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Revised, 4th Edition, etc.

reprint problem

But, as in all great stories, dark times do end, and the only bad thing about being very successful and growing up so fast is that if problems do arise, they usually come just as quickly and as quickly. They are bigger. The witch and the apple in this story were the fourth edition and history, which angered many collectors with the re-release. And you might be wondering, what difference does it make if they reprint the letters?

To answer this you have to put yourself in context. It’s a TCG (Trading Card Game), much of its success comes from being able to buy and trade cards with friends. At a time when the Internet practically did not exist. Do you remember cards in school and how much fun it was to go to places where people gathered to find the 3 you were missing, and then you always came home thinking you had been tricked ? Or that time you were the big winner, or when your friends Julito and Fede exchanged 20 cards for another one week, you found out it was worth 30 euros and the others gave you nothing.

Well, this is something like that, but much bigger and just as much fun.


The game is called Magic the Gathering (Magic the Meeting) and Most of its charm is not based on the game itself (Which is great and can be defined as modern chess if summed up in one sentence), But in “encounter”, You need someone else to be able to play, and often the people you play with in shops become friends, if they weren’t already, in other cities and even countries. Not to mention meeting people from around the world (it’s not rare to end up traveling to play tournaments held outside your city).

Magic is the TCG with the largest secondary market. If you need letters but don’t want to open envelopes or if you have letters and want to sell them, there are many shops, for example, this is a highly recommended site.

With all of this in mind, it’s only normal for players and collectors of the era to cry to heaven when they saw their cards were sold for half or less.

perfect storm

If we add to this that it coincided with Tierras Nutless, which has been one of the worst editions, the perfect storm came and Sales started declining. Lots of people stopped playing because they thought the game was over, it was time to change things and Wizards had to act on the matter (sorry for the bad joke, hehehe).

and how was that They made a list to dominate them all, they decided to call a series of cards “reserve cards” and put them in the “reserve list”, cards they would never reprint again, neither in the white range Nor in the black border.

thanks for this The letters will retain their value on the secondary market… Till date!! (If you can imagine this piece with film music, that would win a lot).


back to the future, doctor it

Well, we’re back, where we dropped it Wizards is going to release a series of special products to celebrate the anniversary and give away “promo” cards in each of the collections it’s releasing throughout the year. . And it will continue with the philosophy of S.Continue to invest in powerful and diverse licenses such as: The Lord of the Rings, Transformers, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc.

But the real bombshell is the 30th anniversary pack that Reserve is about to go bust with…

well, instead of jumping over it, it will go around it since 30th Anniversary cards will not be able to be played in tournaments and most importantly: the back side of the card will be different from the rest of the expansions.

This has caused a real “civil war” on social networks, as many players hate this product as much as others love it… What do you think?

If your head explodes in this part then this is the reason They have released a product that costs about a thousand dollars and is not suitable for tournament play, It sold for €1,159 in Europe and sold out worldwide the same day it went on sale.

If you’ve come this far and don’t know magic, it’s hard to convince muggles that there’s something else out there, that magic exists and things like that. If we didn’t get there with this article, we hope you at least had a good time and/or learned something new.

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