Mahindra Thar spotted in Dubai, on world tour for Rs 20 lakh

People have been posting their ambitious adventures in Mahindra Thar on the internet for quite some time now. This latest effort may be the most aspirational of many.

A YouTuber couple takes up the challenge of completing a world tour in their Mahindra Thar. While it may seem like an outrageous idea at first, this video breaks down the particular milestones and breaks the journey down into smaller steps. For this, the Thar owner first exported the SUV from India to Dubai. From there, the plan is to cover all the major countries in the Middle East and then move to Africa. See how travelers plan to live their dreams.

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Mahindra Thar on world tour

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world Tour in Mahindra Tharo

The most interesting thing about this trip is that YouTubers wanted to take Made in India Thar on this trip. That’s why Kerala is written on the registration plate. They sent the SUV from Cochin port to Dubai. Thar will have his own passport for this journey which is worth Rs 1.78 lakh. The security deposit for passport is Rs 1 lakh. This passport carries the stamps of all the countries to which he will travel from the port of origin, which is Cochin in Kerala. Then, there is the seal of Dubai, where the car was received. The two have recently visited Oman and Thar has a stamp on their passports. Apart from shipping charges, the car also requires valid insurance documents.

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It costs Rs 1 lakh in air clearance to land in Dubai. Once in Dubai, the car needs to bear more shipping charges. It is a lump sum payment at the port of origin (Cochin). Now, the two plan to explore the Middle East and head to Africa. The steering wheel of the Thar is on the right side as it is made in India. However, in most Middle-Eastern countries it is on the left. To tackle this, YouTubers have got necessary approvals from various departments. Both plan to complete the journey in 1 year and capture their experience through their vlogs on YouTube.

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Mahindra Thar World Tour

To make this trip budget-friendly, he has converted the rear seats into folding beds, which he will use to sleep. They are self-sponsored this trip, so they can’t afford to spend too much. The bed falls almost flat and with the AC on, they plan to sleep inside. The body paint of the Thar represents the flags of all the nations they planned to run alongside the Indian flag. The total expenditure on this journey is estimated to be Rs 20 lakh. His dedication to complete a world tour in Mahindra Thar is admirable and inspiring.

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