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Mahoni Seer: Horoscope from December 26 to December 29

The Mahoney Vidante tells you what to expect before the end of this year, as well as the tarot cards that will guide your life during this week. In addition to your lucky numbers, the colors of abundance and who will be the best signs to seek love during this week.


For the last week of the year, the letter “El Loco” came out, which means Gratitude and Gratitude, that is, you should thank life for everything it has allowed you to end this year and appreciate each Learn to give moments. Now is the time for your existence to equip yourself with the courage to step out of your comfort zone and venture into the next year to accomplish everything you have planned. This week you will end the year with a lot of pending work, so I suggest you get it done. They will invite you to go on a trip, but it will only be for the weekend. Your compatibility in love will remain as Aries’ friend, but it is Capricorn’s love that will speak to you of firm commitment. Your best day would be December 26th, your magic numbers would be 09 and 13, and your color would be deep red.


You received “The World” in the Tarot cards, which means that in this last week of the year you should take note that there will be many new opportunities for growth and, above all, expansion of your knowledge. Also, this letter invites you to travel frequently so that you can experience other cultures and ways of thinking. There will be fullness in your life this week, which means you will feel stronger and more alive than before. There will be a communication of positive energy in your life and in love you will continue to talk more formality and understanding with your present partner. Unmarried will get favorable love from Aquarius, Virgo or Libra. Your best day will be December 27, your magic numbers will be 06 and 17 and your color will be navy blue. You should be more cautious about your expenses and foresight.


If the card of “The Judgment” came out in the Tarot horoscope, then it is time to rediscover yourself and find inner peace. Especially this week that the year ends, it is very important that your zodiac sign finds peace of mind and leaves behind the war that it has been waging with itself for not achieving happiness. You will have more mental maturity while taking decisions through this tarot horoscope card and you will start listing all the things that you were lacking to accomplish; Next year you will try to achieve it. You will process your visa and migration permit for any travel these days. You will get a gift which you did not expect and it will make you very happy. You will keep all your school stationery in order. Your best day will be 28th December and your lucky numbers will be 06 and 15. Your color is bright green.


In the Tarot horoscope you have received the card “The Sun”, which means inspiration to be the best in everything and the spark of a new life. You are in the moment of being a better person and accomplishing all your goals for the next year. Leave the drama aside, live life as peacefully and with more security as possible. Last week of the year with lots of work and clearing out whatever is pending with you, you will put all your debts in order. They will invite you to go on a trip these days to spend the New Year with your family. You will get a gift at the last moment which will make you very happy. You’ll be handling paperwork for your Social Security and passport paperwork. December 28 will be your best day. Your magic numbers are 03 and 21, your colors are yellow and green. Beware of the problem of bone pain, this is happening due to the change of time.


This last week of the year you got the letter “La Estrella”, which means good luck and quality of life. Great things will happen for your sign next year, Leo will reorganize all his backlogs this week to keep up and above all, he will pay off the debt. Your weak point these days will be your mind, nerves and stress, that’s why I advise you to continue to exercise and not drink too much alcoholic beverages. Remember you still have the end of the year to celebrate with your friends and family, so save energy. Lottery draws with numbers 04 and 33 will give you extra money. Your lucky colors are yellow and red; Your best day will be 29th December. Past love will look to give you a gift and get back together.


In the Tarot horoscope you have received the card of “El Diablo”, so in this last week of the year I advise you to protect yourself from everyone around you; You should never lose confidence and learn to define well who your friends are. This tarot card tells you to act responsibly and conscientiously in your life, that is, reflect on what you are doing well and determine what you want for your future next year. Don’t be with people who don’t make you feel good, it is better to define true love that suits you, remember passionate couples are meant to create, not destroy, so find your soul mate. Luck will accompany the numbers 15 and 21, your colors are red and orange, and your best day is December 27. Get ready for the big surprise in your life in 2023.


This last week of the year spelled “moderation”, undoubtedly auspicious sign of luck for your zodiac sign. That’s why today is the right time to solve all the problems that you have been pulling in the recent past and you will see that success will kiss your feet. This card also indicates liquidity and abundance in the financial sector, money that has been owed to you for a long time will finally be received. The fluidity of your good energies will help you to have more workforce. Additional income comes with the numbers 00 and 23 in the lottery, your colors are purple and red, your best day is December 28. You process your migration permit to go on a trip. Receive an invitation to a new love, so don’t close yourself off, give yourself the opportunity to meet more suitable people in your life.


The letter “The Tower” you received in the horoscope indicates that you are in a phase of metamorphosis, that is, you will undergo radical changes in your character, lifestyle, and especially in your habits. This is the time to grow and prepare everything for the next year in terms of work and get the success you want. Remember that your zodiac element is water, which makes you very emotional and attached to family, you always want the best for everyone. You will have annual closure, so try to focus on everything you do at work. You get an invitation to date a new love from Pisces or Cancer. Don’t beat yourself up now, remember there are situations we can’t control and you have to be strong to deal with it. Your lucky numbers are 19 and 88, try to play them on the 29th, your colors are yellow and blue.


In the Tarot cards you’ve got “The Force,” it means courage in the face of adversity and affirmation that you are powerful and not afraid of problems. This letter will help you to understand that experiences are learning and you should not get bogged down in love less. Remember that family is not chosen, God gives it to you, as well as love and friends, so learn to choose your partner and friends well because one of the problems with a Sagittarius is that they tend to betray him a lot. Huh. For the last week of the year you will resume everything that you had built and what you lacked to do, it is important to make a list of resolutions for the coming year and start fulfilling them. Your best day would be Thursday the 29th, try to play the numbers 19 and 37 for the jackpot, your colors are green and yellow.


In this last week you get extra money with lottery prize on 30th with numbers 21 and 30, use a lot of perfume so that luck is with you, your colors are orange and red. Take care of the problems caused by alcohol, try to control yourself while toasting. You have got the card of “The Magician” in the horoscope, so the power will come to you unlimited. You are going through a period of positive changes, but you will have to do a lot on your part for this to happen. You will learn that love is given, not bought, and you will understand that you are meant to be happy. You will have new opportunities for job growth. These are days to celebrate, remember your zodiac sign is always full of energy on your birthday. Due to the annual closing, you will be in a hurry to get all your work done from the office, so try to concentrate.


This last week of the year has the letter “Empress” in your horoscope, so you will have intelligence and independence. You should use all your intelligence to solve financial and emotional problems. The freedom that this letter demands from you is a sign that you will take steps that will grow you as a person and not depend on anyone to make you happy, it is freedom in every way. You will get luck with numbers 07 and 15, try to play them on 28th. Your colors are blue and gold. Remember that your sign is always looking to organize everything it will do in the next year, try writing down your resolutions so that when you accomplish them, you can mark the purpose as accomplished. Try wearing clothes of strong colors to welcome the new year with more force and bring love and prosperity.


You have got the card of “The Carriage” in the horoscope so strength and courage will be on your side, you are in time to become great as a person and you will no longer bow your head before others. Your zodiac sign has the ability to do whatever it wants to do. This letter tells that there will be new opportunities for promotion in the job. There will be a lot of work at home. Remember that your zodiac sign, because it is a fish, always likes to organize all its things and pay off its debts. Your lucky numbers will be 08 and 77 on 29th, you will see how extra money will come in. Use yellow and blue more. Take care of stomach or intestinal problems as these are your weak points. This week some past love will try to bring you together again, try to give yourselves another chance and spend it as a couple.

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