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Maintaining a truck per month may cost more than renting a 3-room apartment

keep it van 0 km per month means spending practically the same amount as renting an apartment for living.

Thus this result Compare License fee, insurance, service, fuel and a few extras, with the rental price of a two-room house in Palermo, or a three-room house in an area like Caballito. in any case, The amount does not fall below the average $60,000.

loss Statistics show how complicated it is for Argentina to reach 0km and meet monthly expensesEqualizing cost with other requirements (and also difficult for many renters to cover).

With Toyota Hilux as a reference, the best selling truck in the market, we take into account how much should be allocated per month to be able to drive the minimum and also for the same amount What rental options are available?

Toyota Hilux Entry Level: Up to $58,000 per month

to access a toyota hilux pickup truck, Double cabin, one of the most economical, you need to choose the DX 2.4 version with a six-speed manual gearbox. The price is 5,807,000 pesos.

Toyota Hilux Is One Of The Best Selling Trucks.

Toyota Hilux, one of the best selling trucks

On the patent, the annual expense would be $293,500, or approximately $24,400 per month. Actually, depending on the jurisdiction, the expense is paid every two months, but it has to be saved per month to arrive at the total. then you have to keep in mind Safe, that for a full third party you would have to pay approximately $14,900 at one of the most accredited companies; And this Service Which is necessary to maintain the guarantee, whose 10,000 km costs 35,500 pesos.

Then there are expenses that will increase depending on how many kilometers are covered per day. van, A minimum that is calculated is to drive 15,000 kilometers per year, which means spending $14,500 per month on regular diesel or $19,680 on premium (this is recommended).

If the owner doesn’t have a garage, the city of Buenos Aires must have an average of $13,000 per month to pay for one, except for about two washes in the same period that cost at least $1,500.

hence, The maintenance cost is as follows:

  • Patent: $24,400
  • Insurance: $14,900
  • Service: $2.958 – $35.500
  • Combustible: $14.500 / $19.680
  • Garage: $13,000
  • Wash: $3,000 (two per month)

the total of these expenses $58,250 per month $63,458 with the cheapest fuel or with the most expensive, i.e. approx. $699,100 or $761,000 per year depending on the chosen one,

Toyota Hilux Complete: Over $100,000 in Maintenance

If instead of choosing a base truck, one considers the expenses of a top-of-the-range variant, then one of the options is the SRX 2.8 TDI 6 AT which is priced at 10,446,000 pesos. By increasing the value of 0km, all costs increase significantly.

Enter some amount to be taken into account Patents get expensive And it becomes about $582,000 per year, that is, $48,500 per month. Then you have to consider insurance, which costs an average of $23,900 for the entire third party, and service that maintains the same value.

In form of combustibleThis version has one engine that costs more Compared to the 2.4 of the entry-level version, so that in mixed consumption it reaches 12 liters per 100 km. As such, it will demand around $19,200 per month in common diesel, or $26,200 in better quality, always thinking of a vehicle that travels 15,000 km per year.

If we combine the garage and the laundry, the expenses are as follows,

  • Patent: $48,500
  • Insurance: $23,900
  • Service: $35.500
  • Combustible: $19.200 / $26.200
  • Garage: $13,000
  • Wash: $3,000 (two per month)

This This means spending up to $110,500 or $117,500 per month, depending on the fuel chosen, which increases to $1,326,000 or $1,410,000 per year.

Renting a Van Vs An Apartment

In this case, the cost of maintaining the vehicle is compared to that of renting a house. Taking the most sought-after neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, the average offer is $60,000 for a two-room apartment and $60,000 for a three-room apartment, according to the latest data analyzed by the Scalabrini Ortiz Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESO). The amount is 85,000 pesos.

Renting Or Maintaining A Vehicle, All Increasingly Expensive Expenses.

Renting or maintaining a vehicle, all increasingly expensive expenses.

For the most expensive and cheap areas to rent in Buenos Aires City, Puerto Madero is the most expensive neighborhood, with an average price of $124,542 per month, Palermo and Nunez follow, with prices likely to reach $74,607 and $67,531 respectively.

In the middle zone are:

  • Chacabuco Park: $55,945 monthly
  • Parque Patricios: $55,199 per month
  • Agricultural Science: 52,984 Monthly

The cheapest neighborhoods to rent are:

  • Liner: $45,839 per month
  • Constitution: $46,521 per month
  • Montserrat: $46,592 per month

Regarding the price per m2 for buying real estate in the city of Buenos Aires, The cost of a studio apartment in the city is u$s99,109 . Is Whereas an apartment with two rooms and 50 m2 costs $ 119,886. A three-room, 70-m2 apartment costs $170,334.

The average price in the city of Buenos Aires is $2,301/m2, a decrease of 0.6% compared to the previous month. So far this year, prices have fallen by 2.3 per cent.

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