“Major” computer failure in Laval

"Major" computer failure in Laval

A major interruption caused by “targeted malicious computer activity” paralyzed computer services in the city of Laval on Thursday.

“The city would like to inform its citizens that a major disruption is currently affecting its computer services. This interruption particularly affects the various digital services created for the citizens,” the municipality said on its Twitter account. wrote.

A cyber attack is believed to be the cause of the outage, Citi confirmed. Considering the malicious activity, Ville de Laval closed all its access, thus disrupting online services for citizens.

“At all times, the city’s priority has been to protect the safety of its citizens, employees and suppliers,” it said on its website.

According to Citi, a “small amount of data” was extracted during the attack, but after analysis it did not come from one of its databases.

Although the city’s website is working, pages related to permit applications, property assessment rolls and tax accounts are having difficulty.

Citi Laval is asking residents for cooperation by offering to use the services in person over the counter or by calling 311 to make their requests.

The activities of Police Department, Fire Protection Department, Water Department and Laval Libraries have not been disrupted.

“The city is working with a team of experts from its supplier to take necessary measures [pour] Maintain the integrity of computer services,” noted the city.

Teams are currently working to restore services “as soon as possible”, but the municipality does not expect service to resume before Sunday.