Make Puigdemont aware of his extreme weakness; by Antonio Mestre

 Make Puigdemont aware of his extreme weakness;  by Antonio Mestre

There is a perception that the PSOE has fallen under the spell of the reactionary fantasy that it has fallen prey to Puigdemont’s demands. Treat him like he was. Public opinion can be demonstrative and distort perception to such an extent that those involved are forced to act against reality, when it is possible to see from perspective. This is not true, it is the other way around, Puigdemont is trapped by Pedro Sanchez and now it is time to tell him about his state of extreme weakness and dependence.

Puigdemont is holding out a hand to the edge of the ravine, and the hand that supports him and can bring him back home is Pedro Sanchez and the correlate of the forces that emerged in the July 23 elections. If Pedro Sánchez leaves Moncloa, there will be no hand to support him and he will fall into the abyss of Brussels, and lose forever the last possibility of returning to Catalonia. The situation is not being seen correctly, the prisoner is not Sanchez, he has exits, options, different escape routes, the only person tied to this parliamentary majority is Carles Puigdemont and perhaps it is necessary to remind him.

It is true that the PSOE was in a very fragile state before the investiture; At the time, when it was agreed to implement the amnesty law, the PSOE was subject to the demands of the Junts, but no longer, once Pedro Sánchez is in Moncloa, it is the PSOE that must assert its position of power because if Puigdemont Cadaqués Go ahead as the Amnesty law requires. Pedro Sanchez is already in Moncloa, if Puigdemont wants to return home he needs Pedro Sanchez, it is Carles Puigdemont who is now subject to the will of the PSOE until the amnesty law is approved and effective. Because if Pedro Sanchez is forced to call elections because Puigdemont does not know how to measure his strength, he will be left forever without ever setting foot in his beloved Catalonia again.

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Puigdemont is as strong as Pedro Sanchez. Without the PSOE in the government, the junta has nothing to give or take away, a complete correlation of forces that allows Puigdemont to play a game that could be in his favor, if he heeds the presence of the president. If you don’t keep it, it disappears within a day. Of the government in Moncloa. If the PSOE knows that the juntas are the only ones with power in the government, then logic concludes that it is the juntas that must do everything possible so that the parliamentary status quo continues as it is and therefore demands more from the nationalists. I am sorry. First of all, either they approve the budget, or there is no apology. The PSOE can always govern by increasing the budget until it finds the right moment to call an election, but the junta can do nothing without the PSOE to give Puigdemont a tour of the old town of Verona.

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If elections are held at the end of the year, it is very unlikely that the correlation of forces resulting from the electoral result will repeat the current one and once again put the junta on top of the integration of partners necessary for the PSOE, which will become even worse. . There is a definite possibility that those who not only do not want to approve the amnesty, but also want to prosecute them, ban them and throw them into the forgotten well, won the election. It is not true that if the government is ultimately no longer viable, the PSOE who has the most to lose is the Junts, who will lose their golden card in the game of congressional support. It is difficult to assess what the electoral impact would be of toppling a government willing to approve an amnesty law favoring more than 400 people because they fear an adverse judicial resolution could leave Carles Puigdemont among the beneficiaries. What is certain is that the one that would not be harmed by not succumbing to a personal demand of that magnitude is the PSOE, because it would shatter the entire reactionary narrative that Pedro Sánchez would be willing to give anything to become president. ,

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Junta and Carles Puigdemont do not understand responsibility or the collective good, they have never cared about the well-being of the popular classes in Spain, nor that of Catalonia. They are a group of privileged bourgeois who risked the lives of millions of people to free people who did not want to be free and whom they used as cannon fodder for their megalomaniacal dreams. The amnesty law does not have the sympathy of those who defend it for utilitarian reasons, for with such light anchors the moment may soon come in which the ropes supporting it will break and those who have responsibility for them will fall silent, or Have given priority to other dynamics, start asking Pedro Sánchez to provide Puigdemont with a cure of humility and show him who is in a state of extreme weakness. With the slightest change of wind, a simple change of parliamentary majority, the theocratic state can become repressive again. Don’t forget it, Carles.


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