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Malignaggi Blasts Against Dave Moretti: “If You’ve Got More Than 6 Rounds To Give To Honey, You’re A Thief”

Malignaggi blasts against Dave Moretti: “If you got more than 6 rounds to give to Haney, you’re a thief” May 22nd, 2023 at 5:23 pm.

Pauli Malignaggi lashed out against the boxing industry for what he described as a lack of respect for veterans such as Vassily Lomachenko, and also lashed out against judge Davide Moretti, whom he described as a “thief”.

The former world champion argues that Lomachenko’s victory over Devin Haney was so clear and spectacular that live betting sites favored Lomachenko going into the 12th round.

“I’m going to tell you something in Draft Kings, if you bet on Lomachenko starting in the 12th round, the odds are 5-1 in his favor,” Malignaggi said on his YouTube channel Paulie TV. “Even the betting websites knew how dominant Lomachenko was by that time. Remember that Lomachenko started the fight as a 2-1 underdog on the odds. Everyone knew how he was going into that fight. And everyone knew that at this point in the fight, Devin Haney needed a miracle to win the fight.

Malignaggi argues about how many rounds he gave to Lomachenko in the fight.

“I had the fight 8-4 in favor of Lomachenko,” explains Malignaggi. “8-4 or 7-5 for Loma is something I can agree with, even 6-6 if you want to give Haney every round that he had a chance to win, or less did less than But, even if you gave him all the rounds, I don’t see Haney winning more than 6 rounds. If you get more than 6 rounds to give to Honey then you are already a Thief. And you are, because in your head you’re looking for every possible excuse to score Honey, and you’re not judging the fight the way you should.”

You can’t disrespect a legend like Lomachenko, says Malignaggi

Paulie claims to be upset that boxing is doing an injustice to one of its legends.

Malignaggi said, “It’s really infuriating because this is a man of great status (Lomachenko) who deserves more than this.” “We had to let Lomachenko go as he deserves to go. Boxing is supposed to be better than that.”

What happened on Saturday shows a lack of respect for a legend like Vassily Lomachenko, says Malignaggi.

“Lomachenko deserves more than this,” explains Malignaggi. “He is someone who has given a lot to boxing since the Olympics, since he was an amateur. An impressive career, he turned pro and didn’t even have to go through the prospect phase. They never beat him in a really convincing way. And it was a controversial (lost) fight on Saturday, even at the age of 35. I think a fighter of such great status, you have to treat him better. And if there was one thing they had to let him get, because he deserved it for his performance against a youth phenomenon on Saturday, it was a win. You can’t disrespect Lomachenko, after all he did.”

Malignaggi thinks Devin Haney deserves credit for a great fight, but stealing is something else entirely.

Malignaggi said, “I can give credit to Devin Haney for putting up a great fight and doing things that I didn’t expect.” “He is a great fighter, but he didn’t put up enough fights to beat Lomachenko. What I cannot attribute is a robbery. Yes, Honey has the undeniable title. That’s a good thing for him and his fans, but it’s not good for boxing. Nobody thinks it’s been good for boxing. Nobody thinks he won.”

Malignaggi accuses Davide Moretti of corruption

David Moretti was the judge who saw the fight 116–112 in favor of Devin Haney, but he was also the judge who called round 10 in favor of Haney when there was a clear round for Lomachenko.

“David Moretti scored 116-112 for Haney,” said Malignaggi. “As I said before, if you get more than six rounds to give to Honey, you are bordering on being a thief, or maybe already a thief, because you pretend to give all those rounds to Honey Maximizing.”

And Malignaggi specifically pointed to the way Moretti scored rounds 9 and 10 in Haney’s favor when Lomachenko was in the lead of the fight.

Paulie said, “Moretti took out Haney in rounds 9 and 10, when Haney was knocked down in rounds 9, 10 and 11, he was really battered.” “At 11, they almost stopped him. So, giving that round to Honey for this guy, it blows your mind. It is not a disability because he is old (he is 78). We need to stop making excuses for these people. They are thieves, and they do it again and again. One of these days, someone is going to kill one of these judges. Somebody’s going to get tired, and they’re going to get hit. And there will be sorrow. I don’t vote because they do, but if it happens, I won’t mind, because I get very irritated when things like this happen. Why is the commission still hiring you?”

Malignaggi feels that what happened on Saturday is against the boxing industry itself.

Paulie said, “I think it was a terrible decision in such a big fight that a lot of casual fans were watching.” “And boxing managed to kick itself in the butt. Call it by its name, demand more. People make excuses for corrupt people.”

Paulie points out that Saturday’s scandal is preceded by another: the unfair stoppage suffered by Ismael Barroso in his fight against Rollie Romero.

“I saw tweets from celebrities, from people, from people with influence, and it was a disappointment,” Malignaggi said. “And we come from another disappointment last week with (Ismael) Barroso suffering a stoppage loss in his fight against Rolly (Romero).”

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