Mallorca beats Rayo Vallecano in last minute and avoids relegation

Mallorca beats Rayo Vallecano in last minute and avoids relegation

Upon his return to the starting eleven after recovering from injury, Vedat Muriki Was the hero in the 2-1 win mallorca led the team javier ‘vasco’ aguirre About that valcano ray,

The forward put the ball in the net in injury time, giving his team an important victory in a defensive battle. He valcano ray After which it seemed that equality had been assured alvaro garcia Neutralize the initial target of Antonio Sanchez, with Had to face unexpected defeat.

There was tension and opposition towards the referee in the first half of the match. martinez munuera, Despite the intensity, there were not many scoring opportunities in the game. The visiting team’s best chance was when Pacha Espino found the goalkeeper. Rajkovich And on the rebound, Isi missed the shot in a favorable position.

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In the early stages of the game, a foul occurred in favor of mallorca Stopped by the opponent goalkeeper. The Balearic team’s offensive output was limited to Antonio Sánchez’s deflected shot and Muriqui’s header, which was blocked. Dmitrievsky,

javier aguirre introduced to abdon prats in the second half, and the impact was positive for Mallorca. Three minutes later, a center dani rodriguez badly cleaned by oscar valentine allowed Antonio Sanchez Send the ball over the net, evoking the reaction of mallorca, despite efforts more painful from outside the area, Dmitrievsky He was alert.

as the match progressed valcano ray Made changes on the bench, but mallorca He became more intense. Manu Morlens With twenty minutes remaining he was close to scoring the second goal with an individual play.

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Rayo managed to equalize fifteen minutes before the end with a well-planned game that resulted in a goal alvaro garcia, In further proceedings, Muriki The score was going to be uneventful again, but Dmitrievsky Stopped it.

Since the game is still going on, Muriki Emerging as the hero after cornering in extra time, giving him a vital victory mallorca and placed them six points above the relegation zone.


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