Mallorca creates seventeen new pools a day since 2015, without counting removable

Mallorca built at least 5,271 swimming pools between 2015 and 2021according to a Terraferida Studio Made with aerial photographs. There are seventeen pools in a week, or in other words, an average of 880 pools in a year. The results of this study are still “preliminary”, but they make it possible to measure the extent of swimming pools on the island in the context of drought and climate emergency.

as a whole, and adding up the pools discovered in recent years, There are currently 48,968 in Mallorca. will beaccording to this unit.

Terraferida speaks of “giant constructions”. total of 1,765 new swimming pools have been constructed on rural land and 3,506 on urban land, As environmentalists lamented yesterday, “As such, the pools in Fourvillas account for a third of the total and destroy a large area around them with solariums, lawns, outbuildings and other uses that are subtracted from agriculture or forestry.” go.”

“This is a minimal figure due to the fact that this type of infrastructure cannot be identified if it is covered, the image is not of sufficient quality or the observed excavation raises suspicion,” Terraferida said. Environmentalists have attributed the construction to pools, dismissing removable ones, saying that “has also increased in recent years, especially on pastoral lands.”


Almost as many swimming pools as Santani, Palmas

Santani has built 400 new pools between 2015 and 2021. In the same period Palma built 448 with a much larger population.

a figure that does not include removable

5,271 pools is a “minimum figure” because it does not include removable pools, nor those that cannot be identified because they are covered.

One third of them built on rustic land

A total of 1,765 swimming pools are located on rural land, meaning “the destruction of a large area around them”.

In the entire Balearic Islands, the current pools were 62,500 as of 2015. They were counted in a study by a team of researchers from UIB and the University of Salzburg that “had already warned that The large-scale construction of swimming pools has put Balearic water resources at risk due to excessive water consumption. Further evaporation from them, which amounted to about five million liters per year and represents about 5% of urban consumption.

Environmentalists have broken down the construction of swimming pools by municipalities over the past six years, and there are some startling statistics. Palma is where they have the most circulation with 448. But the case of Santanya is different, which despite having a very small population has built 400. They are followed by Manakor (388), Maratxi (366), Llucamjor (318), Calvik (314), Campos (284) and Artu (151).

“It is surprising that all of these municipalities already have serious water problems: saline wells, contaminated with nitrates, over-exploited or dependent on desalination plants. Some city councils have been restrictive for weeks in conditions of drinking water shortages and droughts. are ordering measures, including a ban on watering swimming pools or gardens,” recalled Terraferida.

Environmentalists demand a ban on building new pools “Except for public ones in inland towns”. As well as the “certain protection” of the rustic floor.


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