Man accused of robbery was identified in Tulsa, United States for wearing ‘sponge’ clothes

Surprisingly, a man in the United States, who was accused of committing separate robberies in family homes, was identified because of his clothing, Well, it was recorded in security cameras that the man wore exactly the same outfit when he committed the crime, and then published images on social networks selling items with the same clothes.

According to local media, while the incidents took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the robbery may have occurred between July and September in five apartments in the area known as the Waterside Apartments. During this, The arrested man was identified as Edward Price, also known as Smack Man.

Meanwhile, police reports indicated that the robberies followed a similar pattern, with the main gate being broken into and the items stolen were all kinds of weapons or electronic devices. and also, The clothes of the accused were especially similar to socks and shorts. sponge bob, A feature that was the key clue to finally solving the case.

Interestingly, on the Facebook Market Place page, a person used to put stolen goods for sale, but this situation happened by chance, Just when the authorities realized that in the photos of the articles, the person holding them had stockings and shorts from the cartoon, which led them to investigate the subject.

“For your information, the suspect’s apartment was not located in a pineapple under the sea,” According to the media, indicated to Tulsa Police on his Facebook page abc 7It shows that the investigation reached the suspect’s home location, where they found stolen items, as well as SpongeBob’s shorts and socks.

In addition, it was said that the electronic devices which were found were also returned to their owners.

Parents arrested for cageing their children with methamphetamine

Two parents have been arrested in Ohio after detectives serving search warrants in connection with a sexual assault investigation found their children in appalling condition.

“Police trace a three-year-old boy in a cage, which was secured zip ties, The cage the child was in had a cup full of worms, dirty bedding and spoiled milk,” the Hawking County Sheriff’s Office said on Sunday.

“A two-year-old child was also found walking through the house with a methamphetamine pipe,” he said.

The boys’ parents, Franklin ‘TJ’ Varney, 38, and Megan Smith, 25, initially fled the residence as being involved in a sexual assault investigation, but were arrested after a brief foot chase. In the woods near his house on Monday. , said the sheriff.

According to the report, he has been charged with felony and endangering children. Too, The children’s grandmother, 61-year-old Ella Webb, was also arrested on Sunday. on charges of endangering children.

Webb had custody of the children, who have since been taken into emergency services custody and placed in foster care by social services. The investigation is still ongoing.

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